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  1. Passed my PPL test over the weekend! So pumped ATM!
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      Actually its an archer. Spent some of my training in warriors and archers but back to Cessna where I'm at now
  2. Hi recflyer, My simple tips- 1. Relax :) 2. Take it one lesson at a time. 3. Don't beat yourself up or stress to much if you don't get something right away. 4. A good pilot is always learning Lastly, as facthunter said, have fun and fly safe. All the best.
  3. Hi Toady, welcome aboard. Hope you get Jab finished as soon as you can so you can enjoy it, and get some pics up. On a side note, do also have a Delorian with flux capacitor?Saw you got your cert in sept. 2014?
  4. Thanks for the welcome. Yeah it will be a big year, but with two important things on my side, namely a real supportive wife and hard work, I know I'll get there.
  5. Hi All, Just joined up to the site and wanted to say hi to all. Abit about me... I'm just about the complete my PPL training (Second time around), any hopefully by the end of next year have my CPL with MECIR. Look forward to chatting in time. Thanks
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