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  1. Hey, didn't take it that way. All good. I've just never had to deal with refuellers before and hate messing people around and also sounding like a douche on the radio, your earlier post about what to say on the radio made thing really clear. Appreciate it.
  2. And why there are places like these forums to help clairfy things when the ERSA doesn't quite answer the whole question...
  3. Thanks everyone for the response, I guess this is one of the things you miss learning when you do nearly all your training away from the city at CTAFs
  4. Thanks Robbo. The Moorabbin airport website was abit to vague for me and the ERSA mentioned that the Air BP bowser is only after hours. Never had to radio for fuel before and not sure how "professional" I need to make the call or how to make the call. Will just call Air BP I guess.
  5. Me again... I need to refuel at moorabbin on my next flight, but not sure what to do with getting fuel. On all my other flights I've been able to use a self service bowser at other airfields prior to Moorabbin but looks like this time I'll need to order fuel. Just wondering how others do this? Can I call AirBP and arrange that way or how do I call over the radio? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the quick responses. That's what I thought the procedures were, but never hurts to ask :)
  7. Hi all, Been a while since I've had to head into Moorabbin and just brushing up on procedures but not sure about something. When do I need to contact Ground for clearance/s? Is it at start up or once I'm in the run up bay ready for taxi to the runway? I've been looking on Ontrack, but some of the info is up to interpretation. It tells me that in the apron area, there is no need to contact Ground, only once I need to taxi for the runway. But in their Ground operations text section it (to me) implies that I need a clearance to the run up bays, and then a further clearance to leave it.
  8. Hey Tomo, Congrats mate. It's good to see I'm not alone. We had our first 5 weeks ago. I remember there was a writeup in Australian Flying May-June 2015 about flying with children. Apparently a car baby seat is legal to use in an aircraft, if it is compliant with Australian standards AS/NZS 1754. There is info in CAAP 235-2 Biggest issue I can see is how to fit the top strap. The car has those mount points in the back, but I wouldn't think that the tie down points in the rear of a plane would be suitable. I think as to age, it would depend on the baby. For me I'll wait till the 12
  9. I'll second Sentient airnav. Basic but does what I need it to do for planning. I use it to make back up paper copies of maps I'll need incase the tablet has a hissy fit mid flight
  10. As a fellow western suburber it's a bit slim for offerings this side of town. Apart from Moorabbin or Lilydale and Coldstream on the other side of town, you have- Bacchus Marsh (bit pricey and no RA) Sunbury/Penfield (RA only) Ballarat (RA and GA) Lethbridge (RA and GA) For polishing up on CTA I find just heading to Essendon or Moorabbin for a couple of hours with the air scanner works a treat.
  11. Hey, if you're wanting a flight some time I'm out in the western suburbs and I fly out of Ballarat. I'm GA but planning to get an RA ticket soon.
  12. Hey, and if either Lilydale or coldstream don't work out, there's Tyabb to the south or even Sunbury in the north west.
  13. I would second all the advice given here in regards to focussing on school and !along it a priority. Also when it comes time to budgeting for training and making time, for initial stages try to aim for a lesson a week at least. A lot of flying is learnt by repetition and having long gaps between lessons kinda breaks the flow. That being said, try to save up for a few weeks worth of lessons prior to actually starting then try to keep a surplus of funds going for lessons. By some of you comments I gather you're in Melbourne? Happy to help in regards to schools around here.
  14. Hey, Last year after the Part 61 regulations came into effect, the GFPT (which itself kinda replaced the restricted licence) became obsolete. It was replaced by the Recreational pilots licence. I completed my GFPT in 2010 and was working on PPL when life got in the way. I started up last year and was able to exercise my GFPT up until September when part 61 came into effect. If I wanted to continue at GFPT level would have needed to conduct a flight test and pass my RPL. As I was nearly finished with PPL I didn't bother. If you wanted to get back into flying GA I would suggest talking t
  15. Hey, All the info you need for an instructor rating is in the ops manual (Section 2.08-1), check it out on the RA-Aus website (Link is below). The PIC hours reduce if you hold a PPL or higher. https://www.raa.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Operations-Manual-Issue-71.pdf One thing to think about is where you want to head with your training. There is a lot of work and time required to get the rating and then you'd have to find the work. I've looked into doing the rating myself while on the route to finishing my CPL, and I've had quotes of a few thousand to complete. Decided tha
  16. Thought I'd share a little something from the show on sunday... Leading up to the show, I'd heard that the F22's from the US were only going to be a static display due to "operational requirements". On the sunday found out what the operational requirements were. Apparently there is only 1 F22 pilot signed off to perform airshow demonstrations and he was taking a week off on holidays . To quote the personnel who was telling us this, "The pilots who flew them in are ok to fly into and conduct combat missions...but not airshows, makes you think doesn't it?" I thought that was funny...
  17. Did anyone take any footage of the WW1 display? Headed down today (sunday), but after the rain over night, the WW1 section was canned due to ground conditions :( Was nice to see these up close on the ground, but would have been great to see them in the air.
  18. Hey, Where were you planning on heading with your training? CPL or for fun? I trained with them years back when they were based at Moorabbin also. Never had any problems but they are very much focused on career minded flyers. If you are out west way, I highly recommend heading up to Ballarat and checking out the offerings. I finished my PPL with Inbound Aviation and the guys there are tops. Plus their rates are pretty good too.
  19. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone headed out to the casa Seminar at ballarat last night? Wasn't able to make it in the end and wondered if there was anything interesting brought up or shared? Thanks in advance
  20. Hey, You'll find info about over water flights in the AIP also in the CAO 20.11 if I remember correctly. If you don't have a copy of the AIP you can check out airservices Australia
  21. Hey, As I understand it, 1.3Vs is the minimum safety margin for landing in short field situations. It would be the slowest safe speed which would result in minimal float on landing as you're riding the back of the lift/drag curve and getting to stall speed quicker reducing the runway needed to come to a stop. The higher figure given in the POH comes from the airspeed obtained at the best lift/drag ratio and gives a minimum angle of descent. This would be more suitable for regular landings. BTW, I don't think of myself as an expert in this, just what I think I remember from training. Happ
  22. I initially was only gonna use it when flying but quickly got used to the weight and size. Its really just the thickness that can be annoying when wearing a shirt, but usually wear t-shirts so it fine.
  23. Hey Scre80, I got one from the wifey for my birthday last year and been using it on navs and local flights. I usually turn the GPS on before take off and record the track I've made then check it against my proposed tracks in Garmin Basecamp to see how good I held track and also height, traffic pattern etc It's also good to have a back up to my mental math when working out ground speed and being able to set timers for fuel check/change over or anything else I sometimes can lose track of in flight really helps.
  24. Just wondering what the miminimums are for a parachute drops?
  25. Passed my PPL test over the weekend! So pumped ATM!
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      Actually its an archer. Spent some of my training in warriors and archers but back to Cessna where I'm at now
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