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  1. If you take a look at the DG requirements for commercial, they can be carried in carry on but not check-in. Nothing said for a light aircraft, but I'd make sure it is in reach just in case. My suggestion would be to try and setup tablets to conserve as much battery as possible (screen brightness, data off, using an external bluetooth GPS instead of internal etc) and save the powerbank for emergencies. I put mine out of direct light and in a side pocket to keep it cool. As to using go pros, it might be easier to connect via USB to the aircraft's power if possible. Just make sure you use t
  2. Hey, I have the same flight computer. I'll attach the manual I have, which is pretty good. The other thing I can suggest to to get a copy (current or old) of the Bob Tait navigation textbook. It has whole sections for the diferent things you need it for. http://www.mypilotstore.com/mypilotstore/ProductDocs/cr-instructions.pdf
  3. Yeah been trying the find phone and tracking. Not having any luck. Not to worried about the items, insurance will cover it. Really just want them caught.
  4. Hi all, Sorry if this is wrong place, but i've came home today to find someone has broken in and stolen a whole lot of stuff. Some of the items were my David Clarke H10-13.4 and two tablets (an iPad an Nexus 7) Both running ozrunways. Its a long shot but if anyone notices someone trying to offload these items and it looks suss, please let me know. Police have a few words for them. They were taken from the West Melbourne area. Thanks all
  5. If you're looking for an Android app, try Trackdirect by Control-J It's basically a naips portal, but have found it a good tool to have. It saves the last search you input as well as the last brief, but has a refresh button to update. Best advice I can give is to get the area and TAF for a few fields Close to Home each day, even if not flying, and monitor the real conditions against the briefs during the day. Also check out the Synoptics. Thus really helps learning how to interpret the briefs. Other piece is to get into the Met ground theory texts and have a read of the AIP Met sectio
  6. Hi all, Does any one know of a G1000 equipped aircraft, preferably a C172, around Melbourne available for someone like myself to get proficient in? Should only need a few sessions to get familiar with the basics for vfr Thanks
  7. +1 in regards to the "not a universal technique" Just finished a CSU and retractable undercarriage endo in an Arrow during the week. Going between the Arrow and the Jab 160 I've been flying lately really shows the difference in mindet on approach. One is a feather needing to be forced down, the other a brick needing the effort to keeping it in the air. I'll let you work out which was which
  8. Hey, Three things I was shown that helped me- 1. Don't think of it as a flare, think of it as rounding out. That is transitioning from descend to level flight ( but only really close to the ground) 2. Spend some time practicing flying just above the stall (at safe height and with an instructor first time) with just enough power to keep straight and level. The attitude of the nose will be pretty similar to where it'll be on round out and help with how things should look. 3. As mentioned before, when the runway appears to expand out quite quickly, that is the point to begin the round
  9. As someone who didn't vote, the reasons were quite simple. Not enough conversation during the election process. Apart from a brief write up in one issue of the magazine, I knew next to nothing about the candidates. Not even a picture to put a name to a face. As someone on the outer circles of the RA scene, and not having the biggest network, all I had to go on was the pitch by each of them and honestly they all sounded the same. At least when I voted about the reforms a number of months ago, I understood what I was voting for. I'm sure there were plenty of others who felt the same way.
  10. Try this for size... Found it while studying CPL Aero and helped. Combine this with the point that at the stall the wing is now producing less lift and unable to maintain straight and level https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_0R0eWOKns
  11. Thanks for the replies. Totally agree with waiting on the taxiway. What sparked this was that on a few occasions I've seen others enter and line up after the preceding aircraft has landed and is half way down the runway. Then the split second the landing a/c has vacated, the a/c lined up hits the throttle and off she goes. Didn't seem right to me but then wondered is this something I wasn't aware you could do. Looks like they were just impatient...
  12. Hey guys, Quick question that's been bugging me lately... Now the regs say you can't take off until a preceding landing aircraft has vacated the runway, but what about just entering, lining up and holding at the threshold until the separation minimums are met (at non controlled aerodromes) Have found the references regarding take off separation after preceding aircraft has taken off (ENR 1.1 41.2) and landing separation after preceding aircraft has landed (ENR 1.1 49.1) but this only refers to take off and landing, not lining up. I've always just waited until the runway was clear befo
  13. School project in grade 4 on space started it all. By the end of the project I wanted to be an astronaut. By the time I hit year 7 the fascination for space had expanded to all things that flew. Since then all I've wanted to do was fly. After trying for the Air Force at the end of year 12 (and getting knocked back) I found a job in warehousing and started saving little by little for flight training. Now I'm in my thirties with hard slogged for PPL and just shy of the hours needed for a CPL. Then I can say goodbye finally to Logistics and go do something I want to do.
  14. Little disappointing that so few voted. I can understand that most just want to fly, and not worry about 'politics' (I'm one of them, but still voted), but only 10% of the whole membership actually voting...There's something in that.
  15. Hi Simon, May I ask if you have checked out other schools in the area? Also are you limited to the Moorabbin area? There are a number of schools in surrounding areas which might be comparable in cost, especially if you take factors such a Moorabbin charges, scheduling lessons and learning out of Moorabbin itself.
  16. I run both RWY and Ozrunways over three devices (RWY on a moto e with 4.5 screen, Ozrunways on the IPad Mini which share the licence, then I purchased the additional licence to run RWY on a lenovo Tab 2 10' which is an upgrade from a Nexus 7.) I find the phone handy to glance at for a quick heading/speed/alt check, but find it easier using the tablet for overall situational awareness and in-flight nav. As mentioned earlier anything more smaller than 7' is getting hard to read, especially when workload is high.
  17. The thing with this is that the new changes to the laws only apply to commercial operations. The rules regarding having an AOC, doing risk assessments and being properly trained currently apply to those engaged in commercial operations. None of this applies or will (after September 2016) apply to people flying for personal fun. I think (and the amount of you tube videos you find on the net back me up in this) are that the majority of instances where potential conflicts occur do so from from private persons, flying their new bit of gear for fun and wanting to push the limits what these thing
  18. I'm glad the security guards told him off. This is what I mean about more getting the message out. Sure he was complying with the 400ft rule and was more than 3nm from YSSY, but probably didn't realise that he was inside controlled airspace (SFC - 2500') which is often the rule people fail to check.
  19. Hey red, The wifey and I went this afternoon. Not much there really as far as aviation goes. Aircraft on display were: Dornier 228 - GAM Charter Turbo Commander - GAM Charter Shrike Commander - GAM Charter DC3 - Air Nostalgia and Gooney Bird King Air 90 Cessna Citation Sovereign Learjet 35A - Airjet Rescue Cessna 340A TS-11 Iskra - Short Stop Charter Harvard Trainer - Short Stop Charter All were basically left unattended and locked up apart from the DC-3's which offered people a look inside, GAM were letting people sit at the controls of the Shrike and th
  20. Would like to make two comments on this (speaking as both a RAAus/GA Pilot and a Quad flyer) 1. On the issue of GPS fitted, this is fine for the Ready to Fly models (DJI Phantom) and manufacturers are starting to do that. Problem is that many flyers have models built from scratch and built with out a GPS module fitted. No way to guard against that. 2. The same peverts that use them to spy on others would be the same kind who would buy regular cameras with good zoom and spy down from higher vantage points, or the same who secretly film others with smartphones hidden under seats or the lik
  21. Hi Romeo, This has been touched on before, but yes, the hours do count. Under CAR5, which was the old rules, the regs referred to time being completed in a "registered aeroplane", which RA-Aus didn't fall under. However all previous discussion/debate about this was made mute when Part 61 came into effect. Under Part 61 the hour requirement for CPL hours as part of a non integrated course now read "aeroplane" which under definitions is: CIVIL AVIATION SAFETY REGULATIONS 1998 - REG 61.025 Definition of aeroplane for Part 61 Aeroplane means an aeroplane that has flight controls pr
  22. If you tap on the three dot tab along the left side of the screen border, that will bring the map filter out. If you then click on the circle (Airports) or the dotted circle (Aerodromes) a further tab comes out with a fuel bowser. Click that and fuel prices are turned on. If you click on an airport with a price listed, you get further information.
  23. Thanks all for your responses so far. Starting to work on the listing now. Been a bit distracted with CPL exam study and a 7 month old...
  24. I'll try to get this added to this website in the resources section but am also looking to create my own site and include it there. Might also add to the user notes in Ozrunways. I'm wanting to start some sort of site containing all those tid bits of aviation related information that are often hard to find through 'regular' channels. Keep you all posted.
  25. Hi all, I'm beginning to put a listing together of all airfield which have access to mogas on site, via bowser or drum, however I'm not having much luck searching online. ERSA is great for avgas but not forthcoming about Mogas. Would really appreciate your help through posting any airfields you know of with Mogas available and any arrangements for its use. Btw, if this already exists in some form then would be great to share. Once I get a bit of a list together happy to share. Thanks
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