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  1. Hi Kyle, I have flown in the Brumby 600 quite a few times over the last couple of years & you would not be disappoined with one. It is fast & very crisp on the controls, I cannot give any comment on the Lightwing SP4000. Cheers, Coltri
  2. If you are putting solid rivets into a wing spar get or use a kickpress. After the initial set-up every rivet is set with one kick on the pedal. Do one rivet every 300mm to the end then come back to the start & continue. Doing the spar this way ensures a straight spar when finished.
  3. I bought the yellow Tygon fuel hose from Amazon, it has been sitting in a jar of unleaded for a long while & remains unaffected. I plan on using it in a Cheetah that I am building. Colin T
  4. There is a surviving Buran in a German Technic Museum at Speyer, I saw it in August 2015
  5. Coltri, 0419758125 Mon - Fri 8am - 4pm, after that I switch my phone off.
  6. There are a few of us around Brisbane Pete who are building Morgan aircraft so if you have a problem, help is close by.
  7. If you have a look at the Morgan Sierra crash pic it survived the crash very well, it was the fire that did the most damage, the pilot was able to exit the a/c with severe burns but no broken bones because the strong fuselage remained intact. Regarding the fire, not every a/c crash results in a fire no matter where the fuel tank is, everything has to be against you for fuel to ignite, temperature, humidity, spark, vapour so I am not put off & will continue with my Cheetah. http://www.warwickdailynews.com.au/s...g-a-pilot-has/
  8. I saw this a/c at Oshkosh in August sitting in the hot sun & took some pics because it has our Aussie white cockatoo on it. I read about it back in Oz & up to that point thought that it was painted, only to read that it was covered in vinyl. regards Coltri
  9. Ross, please wait until 18/6/10 before posting the MIO gps to me as I will be in Bundaberg till then. Thanks Colin T P.S. I am the Cheetah builder who spent some time with you at Monto on Sat.
  10. Steve, I am building a Cheetah on the southside, halfway to the Gold Coast. I have the fuselage 80% complete with nidacore honeycomb floor panels & fibreglass seat shells. Send me an email - [email protected] if you want to look/talk. Cheers Colin T
  11. I would like more info on this conversion please. Thanks Coltri
  12. Thanks Old Man Emu, I have since re-read your first post & there in bold is "Super Diamond". Coltri
  13. Old man emu, I am building a Cheetah (Brisbane-southside) & my bottom longerons are narrower than the top longerons, why are your firewall longeron penetrations rectangular? Coltri
  14. Regarding the Moller skycar con, what type of aerofoil is it, it certainly is not a high lift one, with the wing right at the back the c of g is all wrong, too much weight forward, multiple rotary engines burn a lot of fuel & the skycar cannot hold a lot, this concept is a big hole to throw your money into with no chance of any return.
  15. Hi all Cheetah buyers,builders, I flew Garry's Cheetah earlier this year, what a honey to fly. I purchased one a week later but have only just started on the fuselage due to having to try & clear the hangar of 2 other aircraft. The Cheetah is the best bang for your buck in Australia's aviation world. Support an Aussie kit manufacturer & buy one , you will not be disappointed. Coltri
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