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  1. I just thought he was laying low because the Chinese were spying on his electric car . Bernie .
  2. Bernie

    Any Site Problems...Site Support

    The site is running slower on my computer Ian . Bernie
  3. Bernie

    Please Vote

    Recreational Flying . Bernie .
  4. Bernie

    Finally, the new site is running

    Thanks Ian . Bernie .
  5. Bernie

    Finally, the new site is running

    Any reason why the post disappear once read ? before they stayed and you could just go back and re-read again if another post jogged your memory on something ? Bernie .
  6. Bernie

    Finally, the new site is running

    Where do I enlarge the font size ? Bernie . FIXED
  7. Bernie

    Do not unlatch door in flight!

    I had my door on my gazelle open while under instruction above Kilcoy Qld . I just changed hands from the joy stick and closed it....no dramar . Bernie .
  8. Bernie

    Side Menu Implemented

    It doesn't need to be as big as it is , it takes up too much room on the side panel . Bernie .
  9. I seen the "gorilla" and was amazed others didn't .? Bernie .
  10. Great story's , my uncle who I'm named after was a photographer for the RAAF during WW2 , he was killed off Good enough Island in a air battle . Remnant's of the aircraft are still there , his son Malcolm , my cousin never met his Dad as he was born during the war . My Dad was a prisoner of war captured by the Germans in Egypt during this time . Bernie was his youngest brother .I have the letter my Dads Mum sent him to inform him of his brothers death...I still have emotional moments reading that letter , I don't know how it must have been for my Grand Mother to write it . Bernie .
  11. Hi Thunda . I'm in Tassie on hols been here since March , where are bouts are you and are you available for a face to face at some time . I'm at present in Upper Castra doing a farm sit till Friday then heading down to Hobart for around 3 week . Bernie .
  12. I would have thought Wynyard was at sea level I was there yesterday . Bernie .
  13. Bernie

    Cheap aeroplane

    I I've never conformed neither Nev its still feet and inches , miles per gallon horsepower and such . Bernie .
  14. Bernie

    Bloody Jetstar

    My nephew and niece flew out of Melbourne for the USA yesterday , they were booked on a UA flight when they got to the airport they were told al UA flights were grounded.....no other info...They got on to their travel agent who got the onto a Virgin flight , so all was not lost...They were pissed off by the lack of any info about the flights being grounded...apparently known for a few hours , they were told all AU world wide were grounded...so I looked on my tracker and low and behold I could see AU flying in other parts of the world . They were also pissed off about having to do all the security checks again . Bernie .
  15. Bernie

    Ayers Rock - Airport Transfers

    Parks and wildlife have the lease on all that area all the money goes to them . Bernie .