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  1. And have you dealt with AVdata? A totally corrupt private organisation. No likelihood your information will be safe, much Lee's charged accurately. A landing fee is between you and the organisation charging it. If you feel like this, pay the airfield operator direct. Don't give AVdata a 30 plus percent fee.
  2. What a crock. #casa have not made any statistical improvement. Nor have Collar Brunton me a any attempt to contact previous people surveyed.
  3. If you have a look at the progression of the Medical people in Australia [Pooshan Navarthe and the current incumbents] you will see some very strange coincidences. Pooshan Navarthe Improper evidence on medical certificates
  4. New movement for #aviation New England by-election New England by-election Found this material today. Barnaby Joyce has a worthy adversary who is putting aviation front and centre. We should forget about politics in this and get behind the principle of what aviation needs and get it in front of as many Journo's that we can. An opportunity for change and proper publicity Ian Britza enters fray for by-election in New England
  5. Did some checking Bernie, site was around $15K on it's own. Still leaves $150K unaccounted for!!
  6. I am astounded to find a FOI request on RTK, summarised below: #casa spends $165,000 on the Avalon airshow Not good enough for an organisation that has been crying "....poor...." to the extent that in 2010, casa went to Minister [at-the-time] Albanese for an increase in avgas/ avtur levy of $27m/ annum.
  7. [GALLERY=media, 3989] ca$a stand at Avalon by up-into-the-air posted Jul 19, 2017 at 2:21 PM[/GALLERY] Minister Chester fails to reply to letter, which appears to be a normal occurrence. This is just standard procedure it appears. Letter to Chester and reply that is just avoidance
  8. Well Carmody takes a gig at The Australian today and in a self aggrandizement of himself and how good #casa is to #aviation.
  9. Minister Chester appoints acting CEO Carmody for 5 years #casa #aviation #saveGA
  10. These are sad events and condolences to the families. As mentioned, there are what appear similar occurrences with an EFATO [Engine Failure After Takeoff] over the years. The Brasillia #atsb report called for these ops to be done in a simulator. The PA30 far example, had a recent occurrence at Camden at airport elevation, yet the AFM calls for a hard deck of 3500FT AGL for these types of OPS. Also there have been some reported instances with the Metro where #casa FOI's called for stick shakers to be disengaged for the pilot to demonstrate stall recovery. This occurred in the Sydney b
  11. The new budget for 2017 has some serious defects when it comes to #casa. Failure to manage by the regulator
  12. Then you get the use of unsubstantiated videos, such as the John Quadrio case, where a known criminal with a 7-page rap sheet, was used by #casa to "convict" John in the AAT. This video was given to the Federal Police" expert, but in a low resolution form where details such as a flock of birds in the vicinity could not be seen. The CDPP [Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions] had abandoned the case in the Federal Court and like other cases #casa kept pursuing John through the AAT with a "show cause" notice. #casa will not discuss new evidence that turned up after the lapse of a
  13. Here is the pressure we need. #casa has missed the action and #airservices routes a SAAB without a propeller over 40 NM north of a landing point. Good reasons for a Judicial inquiry.
  14. Problem, with a dysfunctional organisation such as #casa, those at the coalface are often just as bad as they lack any coherent support network. Look at the Coroners report into David Black's accident and the culpability of #casa through a whole range of staffing levels. PS: The FOI's are on around $150K - Minnows at the coalface??
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