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  1. Dear Skip, I really appreciate your comments and updates; thanks for sharing your knowledge and works. I agree an aluminium or copper inlet tube would be more durable and reliable than poly tube, I expect the increased weight shouldn't be a limiting factor. I was reading more about in- tank fuel pumps used in cars and this ump variety seems an option also. This pump could be mounted on end of a stiff tube (ie aluminium/copper) and then tube inserted into jerry can, passing through cap to steady/align tube to container bottom. This arrangement would be a neat tidy compact device, not unli
  2. Hiya Skippy Diesel and others, I've read with great interest, the numerous posts after I wrote on 16 July about my refueling practices. I like your set up as pictured above and it appears very portable and stowable. Will the poly pipe deteriorate/dissolve, contaminate the fuel and be a significant impurity??. I guess the fuel filter will address this issue. Your thoughts please. I finally trialed my home base refueling set up as per photos below. Its very similar to your arrangement and uses a AeroFlow AF49-1008 12v aftermarket fuel pump. The other components are car shop sourced and scr
  3. Hi Alf, Thanks for the trip details and excellent photo collection. I am planning to a trip to Alice to visit friends and inquire details of your landing and holding arrangements whilst your toured around Alice. Thanks Matt
  4. Dear Alf Col and DownUnder. Thanks for intel on landing options near AS. I'll check Bond Springs as Ularu will costs significantly as I'm staying in AS for 7 days. Security of leaving plane at BS might be an issue. Could try landing at AS and bluff thru administrative issues?? Cheers Matt
  5. Thanks APM , great suggestion and convenient for recharging and handling. The pump isn't working for very long so wouldn't estimate large current drain. But its 12v pump so will a 14-18V battery pack be too greater potential and risk damage to pump motor?? Cheers Matt
  6. Hi Skip, Thanks for your comments on battery size and nozzle implications. I was planning to fit a petrol bowser type nozzle so am relieved I got your Intel regarding potential pump seal damage with sudden pump stoppage. I now understand the purpose of your "switch on a lead". I considered the nozzle to prevent spillage when removing the hose end from the wing tank. I could fit a simple in- line tap which I switch closed AFTER pump ceases and stops flow. This avoid me having to handle the hose carefully as the remaining fuel in the hose will be prevented from discharging. Your thoughts????
  7. Hi Alf, You sound like you are enroute to Alice Springs. I am planning a trip to AS in mid August 18 and would appreciate any advice on landing options. I would leave my plane for a week whilst visiting friends in town. Also is an ASIC card required, Thanks Matt Walsh
  8. Hi DSAM, You raise an interesting point which I am not skilled enough to answer, however the decanting from 20 liter to10 liter container through Mr Funnel is no different to pouring from 20 liter container into Mr Funnel into wing tank. I suggest my current procedure enable the decanting to be undertaken in a sheltered position. Fueling into wing tank from "fast Fill" style jugs does not expose fuel to air as the nozzle is hard into the tank filler hole. The decanting is required to pass the fuel through the Mr Funnel. I have pondered about omitting the filtering and just filling the 10
  9. Hi SD, I had a smile seeing your apparatus and reminded me of the scene in the fantastic movie Apollo 13 when the earth team have to manufacture a adapter to fit square carbon dioxide filter scrubbers to fit a round hole and with only a box full of stuff!!!! Applaud your creativeness!! Looks something that Beaker at the Muppet Laboratories would come up with ha ha
  10. Dear Down Under, The wobbling funnel tendency did piss me right off and had I stuck with that system, I would have made some cone type spacer to sit tightly in the filler hole and allow the container spout to sit also, whilst have breather holes to allow tank to fill. But now no issue with the fast fill containers. I agree that less canisters less clutter and better packing but I find the 10 liter size so easy to elevate and insert into the filler hole. I can do it one handed. I haven't tried the 20 liter version and it might be just as controllable, all be it heavier. At this stage its
  11. Hiya, Skippydiesel ( much rather use proper names but don't know yours so its a kanga type intro) Thanks for explaining your set up in good detail. I'd really appreciate some photos and brand of pump and where you bought it. Your set up sounds fine and practical. My only comment would be that you have to eyeball fuel level in tank to enable switch off before overflow. use of inline filter smart and save refiltering. After all fuel must be reasonably particle free from fuel stations since its going into cars. I assume the switch is a completely sealed unit to gaurentee no chance of being an
  12. Hi all, My comments are sort of related to this topic, ie the word "fuel" is common to both threads!!. I just posted comments on another thread regarding refueling set ups and I repeat here, especially for Kaz from Shepparton in Victoria. BTY Kaz, we have a mutual friend in Keryn Negri, CEO of VCAT who met you at a training course or function with Justice/Courts. Keryn discovered you were a pilot with an Auster and conveyed to me. I haven't met you yet but have read your forum entries. Evening all, ah refueling options a subject dear to my heart!! I fly a Savannah (ex Roger Weston'
  13. Evening all, ah refueling options a subject dear to my heart!! I fly a Savannah (ex Roger Weston's from Caboolture QLD and a ripper girl). Previously flew a Gazelle and so was used to refueling high wing tanks, ie Mr funnel filter sitting in tank filler hole, standing on ladders, chairs, hoisting and controlling flow from 20 liter plastic containers into Mr Filter. A pain and physically tiring yes?? And when Mr Funnel filter wobbled around because funnel neck and filler hole are different diameters and caused spills, annoying yes??? So, I investigated options. Desirably a easy set up 12
  14. Hi all, I am contemplating flying from Sunbury in Victoria to Alice Springs via Birdsville and inquire if making this journey in late October is practical from a weather aspect. Any knowledge thoughts suggestions gratefully received. Thanks Matt Walsh, Penfield Victoria.
  15. Use a small funnel with length of clear plastic tubing to fit into oil filler orifice. After filling,discard the plastic tube (so no dust issue) wipe out/wash off the funnel and job done. The monkey on wire technique is ok but requires concentration and a steady hand. Above method requires neither!
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