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  1. ohhhhhh you make me sooo jealous. My favorite place in the world is Ibiza but my Jab wont make it there from Australia
  2. There are 2 dirt strips at Gnaraloo Station and a 4wd you can hire. Plus there is accommodation in cabins, just need to bring food and beer
  3. The advice is great everyone , thank you. I think a lot of you fly in developed areas with lots of paddocks and roads all around you and good grass or sealed airstrips. the only options i have are my strip, the main gravel road or some of the station tracks that i know have no fence along side. My strip is 10m wide and about 450m long. I went for a fly this morning and by the time i was coming into land the heat of the different terrain, bush, fire scare and rock makes it very bumpy from about 600 feet down. I tried to come in high so that i could glide to the strip as you all recomende
  4. Sorry that was 54 clean and 65 best glide
  5. Hi All Being a Jab owner I thought I should practise engine failures……..haha I live in north WA on the coast so conditions at this time of year are probably not the best. It can be 40 C with a 30 knt sea breeze over changing country of hard rock, sand dunes, both yellow and red and up to 30 meters high and over the coast. Its quite turbulent conditions. The PHB says that the best glide speed for the 230 is 60 Knts the stall speed is 54Knts clean. However I was thinking given the type of air I fly in should I practise the EF drills at 70 Knts to give myself a margin of error considerin
  6. I have 2 Microair radios in my Jab and i both are not very good, i would not depend on them. Can anyone suggest the best value radio available. Also what transponder can i fit, must it be a mode "S" or can i fit a second hand one from a local helicopter guy. Thanks
  7. both the shipwrecks have virtually gone now, the one at the salt and the one on Gnaraloo, but the fishing is still the best in WA
  8. thats a good idea to check the probes, i didnt think of that, thanks
  9. i have EGT and they are all pretty similar as they were before the repair and its tractor in a 230 jab except when i put it in reverse...hehe
  10. YGAR - Western Australia- Ningaloo Reef To all who fly Gnaraloo has 2 strips now, YGAR can be found in the country airstrip guide and there is a new strip right at the homestead. Accommodation is available and even a hire car so you can travel around. Fuel could be arranged if you needed it but Carnarvon has fuel supplies and is only about 100km south. Cheers Paul
  11. Hiya I know this has been cover extensively but i was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. i had a runway incursion a couple of years ago in my 230 which damaged the couling,nose wheel and undercarriage of the aircraft. I got it all fixed and put back together but now i have major differences in 2 of my CHT's. 1 to 4 all sit in the range of about high 120's C to mid 140'sC but 5 and 6 remain at around 90C. Prior to the accident they were all within 15C of each other so i think something has changed because of the accident. there is a skirt fitted to the bot
  12. Ursula is the one who wrote 1. " petite plastic plane patch primer" by Ursula Hanle.
  13. Hi Bruce I did purchase a new u/c leg as the original one was damaged on the inboard bolt hole. Anything that could be purchased new and replaced has been purchased even a new rudder cable incase it got shocked. Ursula no speaka da good english but she has a lot of good info in the book, thanks for the link.
  14. The answer to your question ...........How do you - if you're not very well conversant to the subject in hand - judge what is 'expert' opinion? is actually quite simple...... You start with the first person you can find with any knowledge of the subject and ask you Initial "uninformed possabley stupid question" you get an answer, and you gain knowledge of more pertinant questions to ask. Once you have asked as many people as you can and no new questions raise their head you start to sort through all the answers you have gained from the process and usually when you get recurring advice as
  15. A new bare fuse is $13750 + Gst............+ freight + time to strip the old one + time to refit completely ( so virtually a complete build ) + painting = buy a new aircraft Also being a 24 Rego probabely not allowed to do anyway.
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