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  1. Look closely. It's not a Foxbat. It is a Vixxen. It is stiff and snatchy on the elevator and easy to overcontrol in pitch. I know this because I was a member of that syndicate a few years ago. There is much history of this type of accident with Vixxens. This syndicate has previously owned Foxbats, the Foxbat is a much better aircraft for Pilots with limited experience. Bit of sympathy for the Pilot who's had a really bad day, and the Syndicate whose insurance will likely be unavailable or unffordable now
  2. Thank you for sharing the results of your work, some good info there. Re the fuel hose though.....injection hose may not be a better choice than standard carburettor hose according to the Rotax Owners website.... "The good thing with the standard carburetor hose is it has a little give in it since it isn’t as stiff and rated for the higher fuel injection pressure. This hose will slide over the flared, bulb or barbed fittings much easier and there is far less chance of scraping the inner liner and causing unwanted debris. A smooth inner liner is more preferable than a raised criss-cross pat
  3. Does anyone know whether this is in production or if there are any in Australia? The company's email address ([email protected]) doesn't work...haven't tried ringing
  4. Thank you for your reply Ian, With all due respect I was courteous to your wife, however she was not at all courteous. Her answer on your business phone number was "Hello" when I enquired if this was the number for "Clear Prop Pilot Supplies" she said "Wrong Number" and hung up. I object to being referred to as an a*hole when I have been more than patient. Money paid up front. Nearly 4 weeks later no headsets and no explanation. Would you be happy? Id prefer to pay more for better service sorry. Kindly reimburse the amount paid and I wish you all the best.
  5. Thank you. Their current attitude and laxity leaves a bit to be desired.
  6. I bought/paid for two recreational headsets $281 on 30th August. Headsets not forthcoming and lady informed me "no stock maybe more coming November/December"?? She suggested and I agreed to a refund.... refund not forthcoming either and same lady hung up saying "Wrong number" when I tried calling this evening. Whats going on??
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