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  1. Thanks Kyle, he definitely believes in "demonstration" vs. illustration... :) I feel pretty fortunate that to have experienced some of the maneuvers first hand. Hope you will like and subscribe.. more to come.
  2. I do have some more.... Check out www.youtube.com/skyhighreport Thanks for the comments!
  3. Took an Evektor Sportstar for pattern during our "Santa Ana" winds. The Sportstar is a great LSA and handles very well. This video is about 12 months old and taken prior to me getting my certificate. I really appreciated my CFI letting me experience the "winds"... Runway 1R, tower calls winds [email protected] We did three landings and the winds varied on each. Awesome experience!
  4. A 'requested' Short Approach was approved and the long runway was taken for extra precaution. The term "Idiot" I would definitely disagree with. I would agree its not for the less skilled or those with light stomach.
  5. Hello Everyone. Just landed and look forward to learning and sharing. I am out of KSNA and fly a 2010 PiperSport.
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