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  1. I just used self adhesive loop side of velcro, no rubbing and gives a better air seal. Mike
  2. Rfguy, The plastic balls in the tank vents are no longer used on the 430, and as far as I know the the 230 either. They were added to get the 160 certified was the advice I was given from the factory. There should also be a vent from the header tank to both wings. The header tank should have 3 lines each side, two feeds and one vent. The construction manuals are very good, but there are subtle differences and improvements that haven't been added over time. Mike
  3. My thoughts were that you would open the inline tap, transfer fuel to the wing tanks, let the two wing tanks equalise and then transfer more if necessary. Once you are finished you close the inline tap and the wing tanks are completely independent of the Aux tank. Adding a one way valve would require the Aux tank to be filled externally instead of through the wing tanks. My idea was to use the Aux tank as soon as the wing tanks were low enough you accept the litreage held in the Aux tank. Once at your destination and on the ground open the inline tap and allow the remaining fuel to drain into
  4. With a tap in the line you could then fill the Aux tank from the wing tanks when you wanted to fill it.
  5. I have been thinking about doing this and decided that the most reliable way is plumb a Tee into one heafer tank feed line and then pump the fuel into the tank. 3-4 psi would be more than enough to overcome the head pressure. Just need to make sure you don't jettison fuel overboard by overfilling.
  6. Would be interested to here what you think started the fire.
  7. I believe it was started as a result of the battery being unable to keep a charge and that could with the low internal resistance caused the stator and regulator to fail. Causing the fire/heat to originate at the regulator and quickly overcome a fuel line above it. So no matter the origin of the fire it was the LiFe battery that caused the fire, one reason i chose not to fit one when I was going to. I am not sure that there are sufficient safeguards available for their use with the jabiru charging system at this stage.
  8. And just bad luck for anyone on the ground that is injured or suffers property loss as a result of an accident/incident?
  9. I add 20 litres of water behind the seats in my 430 when two adults up front to keep it in the COG envelope, I prefer to have it at least middle, if not a bit further rear in the envelope. I use an exel spreadsheet to experiment with loading.
  10. Superglue, with the addition of baking soda for dings, makes a good sacrificial layer on my Jab prop.
  11. Shaken, Would you have a link to that greenhouse manufacturer, interested in exploring it a little further. Mike
  12. A fellow I know says the jabiru has the best fuel pump ever made, gravity. Should run fine without any pump. Prior to flight testing a new aircraft a fuel flow test is required at climb attitude to prove a 150% flow rate of full power requirements. I made sure mine could do 60 litres an hour with gravity alone.
  13. From what I have read Aireon, who run the space based ADSB system will also provide tracks when requested by SAR agencies. Which is probably the only way you could get a track in Australia if you disappear in aremote area. Would be interesting to one whether the sky echo is picked up by the space based system.
  14. It was definitely a lifepo4 battery in the J170, I had a good look at the damage and I am off the opinion that the Reg caught fire, not the battery. I believe the Reg overheated because the battery had failed and without the internal resistance of lead acid the alternator just kept producing more power until the Reg ignited. This is supported by the findings that the fire started within 400mm of the battery, from memory. Just my opinion though.
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