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  1. I wonder how he will feel about all the monday morning quarterbacks deciding what he did wrong!
  2. Yes, just used old styrofoam and very thin fibreglass sheet. Would mean a respray of the altered surface though. Would actually be possible to moud up an insert that would be able to epoxied inside, without any changes externally. Mike
  3. I have also seen people covering with white Gaffa tape to achieve a similar result. I filled mine with foam and then a very thin layer of fibreglass. Mike
  4. I glassed these and the wing tip cavities for this reason when I built. No idea if it made any difference though. I also did the ends of the ailerons and flaps from memory. If you do this make sure you put in a small weep hole for pressure release. Mike
  5. Thanks Glen, Yes the diagram showing the connection via main bus had me worried there was a reason that was not immediately obvious. The relay I have fitted is wired so that it will disconnect charging when madter is off, so would do pretty much the same thing, unless I am missing something. Mike
  6. I am looking for some advice regarding the fitment of a powermate regulator to the Jabiru Gen 4 engine. I have the latest version of the Kubota Reg fitted which does not utilise a sense wire and the red output of the reg is connected directly to the Battery. (via a relay) The wiring diagram for the Powermate Reg (attached) shows the output wire attached to the main bus, therefore not a direct connection to the battery. 1. Will a direct connection to the battery be a problem with any parasitic draw from the Powermate regulator when not running? 2.
  7. Might be worth asking on this forum. Rainier, the founder and CEO of MGL will most likely give you an answer within a day or two. Mike http://www.mglavionics.co.za/phpBB3/index.php
  8. Unless both mags are intermittently grounding there shouldn't be any electrical issue that stops a Jab engine once it is running.
  9. A Stratux (or ADSB pi) works fine out to 30NM from the ground, further when you are in the air, and that is with the standard wire antenna included with the SDR Dongle. What is the ADSB PCB filter's role in the setup? Unless I have missed the point and you are trying to replicate Flight Radar.
  10. What's your interpretation of 4(2) in that same act? Mike
  11. You will probably find that you dont have a claim of ownership anyway. Whilst I know you are not interested in reclaiming the model it might be of some interest to have a look at the doctrine of 'Market Overt' Mike
  12. In an ideal world I would have a single switch activated ELT in the cockpit when it goes pear shaped and one on my person if I manage to get out of the plane. I have seriously considered adapting an existing PLB to use a toggle switch, the process to activate PLB's tends to be too long for in cockpit activation while still flying. And I wouldn't use use any PLB that wasn't GPS equipped, it takes substantially longer to resolve the location without GPS.
  13. I just used self adhesive loop side of velcro, no rubbing and gives a better air seal. Mike
  14. Rfguy, The plastic balls in the tank vents are no longer used on the 430, and as far as I know the the 230 either. They were added to get the 160 certified was the advice I was given from the factory. There should also be a vent from the header tank to both wings. The header tank should have 3 lines each side, two feeds and one vent. The construction manuals are very good, but there are subtle differences and improvements that haven't been added over time. Mike
  15. My thoughts were that you would open the inline tap, transfer fuel to the wing tanks, let the two wing tanks equalise and then transfer more if necessary. Once you are finished you close the inline tap and the wing tanks are completely independent of the Aux tank. Adding a one way valve would require the Aux tank to be filled externally instead of through the wing tanks. My idea was to use the Aux tank as soon as the wing tanks were low enough you accept the litreage held in the Aux tank. Once at your destination and on the ground open the inline tap and allow the remaining fuel to drain into
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