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  1. I add 20 litres of water behind the seats in my 430 when two adults up front to keep it in the COG envelope, I prefer to have it at least middle, if not a bit further rear in the envelope. I use an exel spreadsheet to experiment with loading.
  2. Superglue, with the addition of baking soda for dings, makes a good sacrificial layer on my Jab prop.
  3. Shaken, Would you have a link to that greenhouse manufacturer, interested in exploring it a little further. Mike
  4. A fellow I know says the jabiru has the best fuel pump ever made, gravity. Should run fine without any pump. Prior to flight testing a new aircraft a fuel flow test is required at climb attitude to prove a 150% flow rate of full power requirements. I made sure mine could do 60 litres an hour with gravity alone.
  5. From what I have read Aireon, who run the space based ADSB system will also provide tracks when requested by SAR agencies. Which is probably the only way you could get a track in Australia if you disappear in aremote area. Would be interesting to one whether the sky echo is picked up by the space based system.
  6. It was definitely a lifepo4 battery in the J170, I had a good look at the damage and I am off the opinion that the Reg caught fire, not the battery. I believe the Reg overheated because the battery had failed and without the internal resistance of lead acid the alternator just kept producing more power until the Reg ignited. This is supported by the findings that the fire started within 400mm of the battery, from memory. Just my opinion though.
  7. Try this, will give ADSB, Avplan and Ozrunways paints into your EFB. https://apps.apple.com/au/app/avtraffic/id1256899956
  8. Should that ban include the use of other acronyms, ICAO for a start!
  9. I went the VH route and found it to be cheaper than RAA, no ongoing registration and membership of SAAA saves me about 1K on insurance. Not sure why you believe SAA are biased toward RV's, I didn't build one and couldn't have had a better experience. Looking at the costs of rego with RA and membership, I am way in front going the VH route. Mike
  10. Still only useful in 3g service area though. The ADSB-pi fixes that. Limited range though! Mike
  11. I have only ever used Ozrunways, but this capability is something that would make me take a second look at Avplan. Mike
  12. I do the opposite, I have a self designed aircraft log book that I had permanently bound. Still much cheaper that buying one and I can eliminate a lot of unnecessary parts. Pilot log book I do electronically and bind as needed. I'm not 100 % positive but I think the aircraft log book (VH reg) had to be bound while the pilot log book just had to be printed if CASA want to see it. May be different for RAA though. Mike
  13. If you use the ADSBPi device that was on the Ozrunwsys website a while ago you don't need premium to get ADSB paints. That was the case prior to OR8, can't confirm now as I have premium. Mike
  14. Kyle Thanks for that, is there anything too look out for? Mike
  15. Kyle I have a Gen 4 and would really like a heads up on problems that you are aware of. Mike
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