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  1. Finally got power on this week.
  2. Been busy with a new FIFO job so not getting as much time on the build as I would like. Finally got my Edge Performance part, big bore kit, performance cam and EFI and engine build is complete. Home for a couple of weeks so have the new engine mounted. Next big project is a custom 4-2-1 exhaust doing way with the crappy ICP system.
  3. I haven't posted for a while so I thought Id give a quick update on the progress of Savannah 19-1605. Fuselage and wings have both been to the paint shop and I am working on the internal fitout. The panel is a simple glass setup with MGL equipment being used. I gone with a 8.5" Explorer Lite iEFIS as my primary, and a XTreme EFIS/EMS as my secondary. Also fitted a Guardian mini IPad holder for running OzRunways. Also using the MGL V16 radio controlled from the EFIS and a ECB (Electronic Circuit Breaker) which can also be programmed and monitored from the EFIS. Engine build is progres
  4. Hi Craig, Welcome to the aviation community. I am one of the organisers for Oz-STOL, drop over to our facebook page. We will be announcing 2020 fly-in competition dates very soon. Catch you around the airfield. Cheers Phil
  5. For those interested, here is a youtube video of our Childers event. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year. We are planning events in NSW, QLD and Vic in 2020.
  6. No, APenNameAndThatA we are a separate group of enthusiasts that recently run our latest competition at Luskintyre Airfield in May. Results for that comp are on our Facebook page.
  7. Hi Folks, We are happy to announce the Qld round of the OZ-STOL championships to be held at Childers Airfield on the 20-22nd of September. Entry forms can be found on the Oz-STOL Facebook page. Cheers The Oz-STOL Team
  8. Bob, I will be using as per the assemble manual. Cheers Phil
  9. I have gone down this same path and had bushes made of similar dimensions for my build. Cheers Phil
  10. A quick update on my build progress. Have the skins on both wings. Thanks to IBob for the idea of using a fence on the bench and to Bill Grieves for helping me pre bend the D skins. Fuel tanks and plumbing in next. Cheers Phil
  11. Hi Guys, i had my UHMW block made by Coastal Aviation. They are located here on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It wasn’t cheap as it was a one off, but worth the investment. Cheers Phil
  12. Hi Folks, Please see below the flyer for the 2019 OZ-STOL competition being held at Luskintyre Airfield on May 24-26. We are excited and happy to be partnered with AOPA for this event. Link for registration. https://aopa.com.au/events/oz-stol-competition/
  13. Hi Bob, That's good to hear. Had my first inspection on Saturday and all went well with the fuselage and flight controls. I have just purchased a time expired 912 for my rebuild and have ordered the Edge Performance parts so I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival. Im hoping to be in the air by around May all going well. Cheers Phil
  14. Hi Bob, It was recommended to me by my L2 who has done a number of repairs on Savannah nose gears, so I have taken his advice and upgraded the UHMW block. How is your build progressing. Cheers Phil
  15. Been a few months so I thought I would give a quick update on my build progress. The past few months have been spent deburring and prepping for alodining while still recovering from my surgery which has not been 100% successful. The fuselage is nearing completion to a point where it is ready for paint. Just waiting for some undercarriage components to come back from the powdercoaters and my 21x8.00x6 main tyres to arrive so I can get it on wheels and move it from my build table. I've finished the rudder, elevator and 2 flaperons and should have the remaining control surfaces finished
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