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  1. The biggest problem is, you are not thinking like a politician i.e. How can I stuff it up by spending the most amount of money? I do have to say, it was pretty impressive at the Edinburgh air show.
  2. What a great engine. I rebuilt one and put it in a 14 speed boat. huge torque.
  3. I lived in Koondrook, Victoria in the early 1960s. A Catalina Hull propelled by a Ford 10 4 cyl engine was used to ferry sleepers out of the red gum forests in the floods. It sank and was refloated in 1962. In about 2000 in Mildura, I saw a houseboat, Rivercat 2, which had been built on the hull of a Catalina. I often wondered if it was the same hull. Anybody know anything?
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