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  1. Thanks guys. It's no point then in trying for a RPL if all you you intend to do is fly an RA Aus registered aircraft, now that the RAMPC (RA Medical Practitioner Certificate) is being phased out, as per CASA.
  2. Hi, I just checked the CASA website and the fee for CASA RPL appears to be only $50, compared to $246 for RA-Aus. Am I missing something? If it's only $50, is it possible to fly an RA-Aus registered aircraft with just a current RPL? Thanks for your input.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently had an opportunity of flying a Jabiru J 160 at my local flying school. Having done most of my training in a Jabiru LSA, I found the flight controls on a J 160 way too heavy. Is this because of the larger control surfaces such as the rudder, elevator and ailerons in the J 160 compared to the LSA? Or is it due to the heavy wing loading on the J 160 as it is a much heavier aircraft with the same wings of an LSA? Has anyone else experienced the difference in the control pressures required while flying these 2 different models? Has anyone flown the Pipistrel Alpha Trainer, after flying the Jabiru LSA or J 160, and noted any similarities or differences in the control pressures between the J 160, LSA and the Pipistrel Alpha trainer? Thanks ?
  4. No worries. Just shoot. I started off my training in UK with some 45 hours in a AX2000 cyclone microlight leading to my 1st solo. I started out roughly your age, but had to stop for 5 years, then went back into it with additional 10 hours or so in a Jabiru, at The Oaks, under the expert guidance of John (Snr FI) & Dave (CFI), before taking off to the skies on my own once again. In the meantime I did about half a dozen dual hrs in a Cessna 152 and was on my way to a PPL, but decided to go the recreational route as it was much more economical. You can always upgrade to a RPL - PPL - CPL - Airline Pilot, with all your hours being counted, if you decided to go all the way. There are a lot of experts here, and I am sure you will be rightly guided. Cheers :)
  5. Ok. Got it , so to become the native of a particular country, one needs to kill and murder the inhabitants and plunder the land. And once they have conquered the land by deception or using power against someone who is weak and vulnerable, then they become the original inhabitants . According to your logic - if countries like India & China, which have the largest armies, decide to conquer Australia in a World War 3, then everyone in India / China who moves to Australia will become natives of Australia, and will no more be immigrants! Lucky, the Indians and Chinese do not follow your logic .
  6. It's a textbook landing. You did an excellent job, with the amount of cross wind and the last minute turbulence
  7. You are right, everyone living in Australia is an immigrant. Aboriginals too migrated here from another country, although they were the 1st immigrants! Cheers :)
  8. Aren't we all immigrants to Australia, the land of the Aboriginals? It is the only country in the world where people have mutual respect for each other and which thrives on human values, where all the communities live in peace and harmony.
  9. Hi Romeo Juliet Whiskey, I had been watching your youtube videos over the last week and think they are really wonderful and very educational. They are in high quality HD with an excellent sound system. I love watching them in my free time and intend to watch the full series. I was pleasantly surprised and feel privileged having received your response. I just want a cheap set up, hence was looking into using my existing action camera from China along with a Chinese audio recorder, which is similar to the Sony one you have but very basic and generic. I was hoping to catch the cabin sound via the existing headset mic into which we speak, which feeds into the radio anyways. If I do not get the cabin sounds using the radio attachment as expected, then alternately I might just add a 3.5mm splitter to the mic input on the audio device and feed 1 socket of the splitter into the radio and the other socket into the stand alone mic, and see if I can capture both (radio + cabin) sounds onto the audio recorder simultaneously if required. It might save me from having 2 different audio files to synchronize, if this arrangement works! Besides, my action camera has no input for an external microphone. I have not flown for 9 months as I was too busy with work, but will be flying soon once my RAA membership is reactivated. I usually fly out from The Oaks, using the school aircraft from John. It is Dave's flying school, and they have a sister school at Wollongong. Cheers :)
  10. Hi Bruce, Just go into settings / menu and see that you have not set it to Auto Power-Off or Limit Video Recording duration. My Qpix has such a setting so quite possible that GoPro also has a similar setting. If yes, then disable Auto Power-Off or Video Recording duration. Hope this helps Cheers :)
  11. I have decided to use a $25 dictaphone and tuck the mic into the headset earpiece if it fits, or alternately attach it to the radio using a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter and a 6.35mm splitter. Eventually I will dub it onto the video. I have a Qpix action camera, so no external mic facility.
  12. I think you may be interested in having a look at some of the gadgets that I have mentioned below. From Australian Seller: Mini Smallest Spy Camcorder Video Recorder DVR Hidden Pinhole Camera Web cam OU | eBay Hot Mini Spy Hidden DV DVR U8 USB Disk HD Camera Cam Motion Detector 720x480 ACl | eBay From Hong Kong: Mini DV DVR Cam Hidden Spy Pen Video Camera Recorder 1280*960 Spy Camcorder BS Or simply search for Spy Cams on Ebay: spy cam | eBay
  13. Hi guys. I am wondering what strategies do you folks follow for audio video recording in a Jabiru cockpt. I am thinking of putting an action camera to record the flight but it does not have an excellent audio recording facility. Hence I was planning to record the cockpit sound / voice separately through the headset and dub the video later on with the voice recording. Please could you let me know if you have any other better ideas that are cheap to implement, or how to go about doing voice recording using the headset attachments and what kind of adapters I may need. It is a Jabiru LSA that I am intending to fly and record. Thanks :)
  14. May be use a dash cam Clearview Cam | Global Shop Direct - As Seen On TV
  15. Yes. No wonder I don't see much of a drop in revs on doing the mag checks. When I switch the first one off, there is almost no difference and the needle stays put. On switching the second one off there is a very slight deflection of the needle to the left, but not what I can call significant. It has had me wondering if the mags are working fine or not. But the reassurance of the engine revving alright only on one magneto at a time during the checks is enough to satisfy me that the mag check is ok.
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