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  1. Thank you both for the replies, I began a CPL a few years back but had to put it on the back burner due to family commitments. During that time the one thing my instructor instilled in me was that gliders were the coolest things in existence. Every second flying story told was of great times in gliders. I guess I'll make my way down to Camden and give it a go.
  2. In the United states they have a saying "Go drink your Kool-Aid" but I've noticed people have taken to "Go fly your Jabiru" if they want to be really insulting.
  3. I live in South Western Sydney and want to get into gliding. Reading websites and watching videos has got me excited but before I go, I'd like some feedback from people who actually fly in my area. For example, best place to go, clubs to join and any advice or information forum members wouldn't mind sharing.
  4. I love the Fournier RF-4 and would love to see a someone do something new along those lines.
  5. These first civilian space flights reminds me of another first many of us can relate to. A first that's over way too quickly and no matter what you say, you know the rocket was out of fuel way before the girl got in to orbit. Give it some time for research and development, then before you know it, you'll be over the moon. My bet is with SpaceX as they have made orbit and want more than profits, there is passion for a greater good.
  6. For those worried about the durability due to heat and friction on the seals in this motor, have a look at what this Aussie company has done with apex seals. www.performancetestedseals.com It will offer an understanding on how far technology has come with regard to sealing a constantly varying angle combustion chamber surface. The conditions that these seals are exposed to is near on identical to the conditions that will occur in this new engines design. After saying all that I have faith in the design but. And its a big but. If you want to go into business, don't pick a tiny market. Unless y
  7. This is a fun game for us all to play, just search google earth for things in mid flight. Include the location under the picture and if possible, the aircraft type. As you add more aircraft pictures, include the total points after each photo discription eg F18c over Sydney Habour 5 points, 23 total. 1 point for all common aircraft. 3 points for rare GA/RA and sailplanes 5 for military. 7 for UAV. 10 for cruise missiles.
  8. What a great plane. For Piper to put their name on it in the first place means 2 things. It's good quality and cheap for them to buy. Now with the original manufacturer still making the plane and no big blood sucker there to take so much extra money from you, now it the time to buy from the original manufacture at a decent price befor some other vampire jumps on board.
  9. Just set the redline lower. Also good for engine life.
  10. The oil consumption of the two stroke is less hour for hour than the ammount of oil used in oil changes with the fourstroke. Fuel figures are all over google.
  11. The Skidoo 800cc E-TEC is a great option as an aero conversion. It uses less fuel than a 4 stroke to make the same power, it's light, is ready to drive a prop via it's belt pully, it even uses less oil than a 4 stroke. Think about what life a racing snowmobile has, they are built tough. The more I read about this the more I want to put one in a Rans S9. Oh.. It's also cheaper than almost every aero engine. It would look good powering a drifter.
  12. another plus is it keeps the heat in the exhaust gases themselfs, giving it a better scavenging effect where the pipes merge due to a higher gas velocity.
  13. There is something so amazing about using the elements to power your transport, weather that be gliding or sailing. You really do need to be over the "wanker doing burnouts in mums car" stage to truly enjoy it though. One of my first jobs when I left school was smoothing welds on steel sails boats with a grinder in return for time on the water. Knowing that the boat I was in was capable of going around the world impressed me. What a great way to escape world war 3 with the wife and kids if it ever comes about.
  14. Saw a bright light yellow car yesterday that stood out like nothing else on the road. So I'm going to say yellow 1st red 2nd and darker blue 3rd.
  15. I like the personal side of Pacific Flyer, hearing about peoples own flying experience is great.
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