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  1. Sunday 12th Morning. Contrasts with NZ where 2 ag wagons seem to be the only aircraft airborne over the whole country. :-(
  2. Did my PPL in one back in the UK in the early 1971. We had two made by Alon and one produced by Fournier. They both had rudder pedals but their use was very limited. 35 hours flying in 2 months in the UK winter.
  3. After a few months I covered mine in carpet. A definite improvement.
  4. During the build I put in electric flaps but kept the center stick. The switch is up near the throttle and I am very happy with it after 270 hours. Leaves the space between the legs free. Can have any flap position you want. Was a bit expensive but it could be done quite cheaply as is very simple.
  5. Thanks Kyle - That would mean each tank would have around 15 litres of unusable fuel. ( 4 x 15 = 60) Descent with less than 15 litres would require frequent leveling off. Based on the trials I have conducted I don't believe that is the case. I became reasonably familiar with the fuel system during the build and have not experienced the fuel light coming on, when not expected, at other times. It is actually quite a useful way of ensuring I use most of the fuel in a tank. I was just wondering how the reduction in pressure a bit higher up might cause the issue.. Thanks again.
  6. Appreciate this is an old thread but.... Was flying over the mountains at 7500 ft when the fuel warning light came on... I have four individual tank feeds and was running on the right inner with about 15 liters remaining. I had been level for about 3 minutes. Power around 5200 for the last 15 minutes. Vent pipe goes from top of 6 liter header to left inner tank. Tank vents are hockey sticks in caps with thick non original cap seals. Vents regularly blown through. Selected left inner along with the right and fuel light went out. I regularly run on right inner only without issu
  7. Appreciate this is an old thread but does anyone have a source for the 10mm UHMV parts. Having done 140 hours on mine I can see the value. I am about to go down the path of making some or getting some made and do not want to reinvent the wheel. Andy ZK SUA
  8. I'm a fraction under 6 ft 2 in old money. Trying an S with them fitted - I decided that the clearance would be too small. So I did not use them. Hence I have a couple spare if any one wants them. I had a couple of seat cushions made up to go under the supplied seat cushions. Head with headset on clears the top quite nicely.
  9. One of mine went in easily - the other will require at least one nights sleep. Interestingly the tunnel seems to be warped being 8 mm difference in the top of the cap from the done side to the none done side. (Measured front and back from a side wall component.) I'm not sure if it is the result of getting one side in or a slightly warped tunnel.
  10. Would be too difficult to build a garage.... ) Enjoy your posts.
  11. Box in garage, just working short overseas contract to pay for the engine..
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