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  1. Mate could I see toe brakes a few pictures up? If so I would love to know how they are setup.
  2. Yes I wouldn’t suggest removing the wings regularly. It’s not a hard task but there are a few adjustments that you wouldn’t want to be changing. I don’t think it’s too big of a job to switch the control mounts around? Might just have to poke the cable through the fabric on the wing and make a patch where it was and remake the the aileron/flaps. I should do it to mine but might just live with it.
  3. I’m not sure about the single seaters, and I think some builds have the mounts for the control cables on the flaps and ailerons on the top (or bottom) opposite to mine, which allows you to unbolt the cable and fold them further giving a tighter fit. But I deffinately had to remove my wings to fit my 2 seater in my garage. The opening is about 2.3m and the tail feathers are almost that, the wings wider again. Not a huge issue for me as my wings had to come off anyway but I did expect it to fit! Maybe mine is different?
  4. Thanks mate. Looks delicious is it still the same registration or is it experimental now?
  5. Sorry to bring back an ancient thread but I have a quick question about drifters that I am hoping somebody can answer and as there are already 5000 drifter topics I thought it would be better off re-igniting an old one. Can anybody tell me if the original Maxair 503 vbelt drive, wb drifters can be upgraded to a 582 and registered in the original category or do they have to be registered as an experimental? I may be wrong but I think the Maxairs only came with the early 503’s and then 532 Rotax engines? So the question is can you put a 582 on a Maxair wb 502 drifter without changing it to
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