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  1. Managed to coax the old girl into the air again last weekend...and it was wonderful. Engine sweet as....flew for a half hour at almost full throttle staying close to the strip in case of any problems, but there were none. Will be heading over to Dunsfold (Top Gear) for circuits tomorrow Sat. Airfield is earmarked for development but for the next few years its available for GA with PPI. Pubs are also open....so life is all good again....
  2. This applies to all types of batteries but more so for lithium ion batteries. Another tip for a new device with a lion battery is to give them a good long charge; even overnight, then run them to depletion for 2 or three times. After that, as RF suggested, charge before use and store at around 80%.
  3. As with Pilot Aware and Flarm, SkyEcho is predominately a collision avoidance system between aircraft in the air. CAA refer to these devices as conspicuity aids and are currently offering a 50% rebate when purchased. Each operator enters their aircrafts stall speed, and ident hex number. Below that GPS derived stall speed ADSB out ceases and the aircraft will not be seen. Owners of aircraft should not play with them in their car with ADSB out enabled as they will be 'seen' as an aircraft 'flying' along the motorway when driving faster then the stall speed of their aircraft.
  4. Tilting the head seem to work for me when returning to wings level after a prolonged turn in IMC. When clear of cloud it took a few seconds until the visuals started to synch with the semi circular canals in the ear then I could straighten my head ... Having said that those flights happened over 40 years ago..today I would not trust my ability to fly IMC.
  5. Is your aircraft G-S..P ?....share my strip with another Raider...nice to fly...if you want to learn a bit about the Jab motor the LAA are holding a course whenever things get back to normal...see you there...
  6. Suggest a Jabiru powered EasyRaider if you can find one....J3 lookalike, folding wings, STOL ...with tundra tyres it will land on just about anywhere...
  7. yeah gidday to you all... writing this from Barbados waiting for a Jetblue flight. Have a Jab ULD parked a half kilometre from where I live in Surrey UK. Sad that the local airline LIAT is so badly mismanaged losing, unbelievably, BB$100 million a year...the company also having misappropriated the employee pension fund. Having said that the ATR76 are flown very well and the staff take pride in the airline. Just completed an 8 day expedition to Mt Roraima and heading back to London via Boston to visit my daughter. Hoping that the recent heatwave, thunderstorms and hailstones in the
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