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New Brumby 610 High wing

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070.thumb.jpg.4e0352eba4e67b9e9a1a363918387b61.jpg [ATTACH]16158[/ATTACH]


Hi everyone, well the Brumby 610 is now safely in the hanger and I thought id give an update of impressions so far.


It has the rotex 912 100 hp, 3 blade bolly prop, garmin aero 500 gps, and 140-150 litres of fuel.


Paul coursed the prop out for touring and she does get along well. I flew to mildura over the new years weekend, averaged 112 knots on the way up 5150 revs, and 120 knots on the return trip, with a slight tail wind at 5000 feet. mildura to bridgewater in 1.5 hours 174 knotical miles, so am happy with cruise preformance. In good conditions, feet on the floor and hands off the stick and she just flys.


Climb preformance fully loaded with course prop setting probably 650 feet a minute, but im not trying to climb hard. Very docile in the stall, perhaps to docile for a trainer as it doesnt drop a wing, just decends at 500 feet a minute. this is great to fly, but a learner pilot does need to know not to freak out if they experience a wing drop in a stall with a different aircraft.


I flew around some nasty thunderstorms on a warm afternoon on the flight from cowra to bendigo, gps was good so i could concerntrate on the weather. Sat in the air really well, i dont mean to upset tecnam owners, but ive flown a p92 in more stable conditions and been thrown around worse, so pretty happy with the way it handles a bit rougher weather.


Paul, Phil and the team at Brumby aviation are gentleman to deal with. I sit on the board of the Australian made Australian Grown, the green triangle with the kangaroo on it, so naturally im pretty proud to be supporting an Australian made product. Hope that info is helpful to anyone eyeing of a new airplane.Brumby aviation are a good bunch of aussies, taking a pride in building a good aircraft. It took a bit of time, but im pretty happy so far with the product.



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Guest Evan Hart

I have watched the gestation of this aeroplane from the beginning and I like it very much. Phil and Paul Goard are indeed wonderful people and their aeroplanes are amongst the best that I know of. They deserve every bit of their success and much more.


One day I hope to see this model with a J3300 engine fitted. The generous fuel tank capacity and assumed improvement in cruise speed would make the 610 a formidable tourer indeed!



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Got an error message "attachment could not be found" when looking at piccie??

Hi Pete, Just click on the image itself, rather than the text "View attachment 16158 " and it works OK (for me anyway).


The plane looks great, Andrew! So when are you dropping in to Penfield so I can get a close-up look? 001_smile.gif.2cb759f06c4678ed4757932a99c02fa0.gif







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hi Kununurra, been doing a fair bit flying. ive now done 200 + hours, no problems with airframe or engine, just a good reliable plane.

G'day Andrew,


Any details on your fuel burn and RPM settings for cruising TAS of ?





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