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gregrobertson submitted a new aircraft showcase item:


Skyranger Nynja


Following in the footsteps of the SKYRANGER (an aircraft which has won more design and performance awards than just about anything flying) is the NYNJA, the logical next step.The NYNJA shares the same straight aluminium tube construction as Skyranger. Proven over 17 years and many thousands of hours. The NYNJA uses demountable fibreglass pannels on the fuselage enabling significant improvements in performance. Reengineering of the cabin has produced a more open and comfortable feel.


New concept aluminium tube frame, with glass and carbon...

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IMAG0605.jpg.d6a28561f83e168174ea72bab9745eb3.jpg Hello! This is Angie here, wife of Jim (zodiac3813) and constant passenger/navigatrix. We have just completed a Skyranger Swift and Jim is currently flying off the test hours (he has approx. 5 hours to go). Naturally I am "champing at the bit" to jump into the passenger seat but Jim comes back down and shares many positive reports with me. I can honestly recommend this aircraft kit to anyone on a budget (as so many of us have other things demanding our dollars) and I cannot speak highly enough of Greg Robertson, the agent for Skyranger. He has given us constant support throughout the building stage and continues to do so during the testing period. Had we not been in the throes of house renovation, we would have chosen the Nynja. However, for now we are happy with the Swift and are looking forward to a trip to Murray Bridge in SA in August (weather permitting)! 080_plane.gif.36548049f8f1bc4c332462aa4f981ffb.gif



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Gotta agree with you Angie, Greg has been a great help and source of information and encouragement. I have been lucky enough to purchase a Nynja and am now trying to get fine weather to fly off the 25 hours.


I am as new as my aircraft at this recreation so to say a person with no aeronautical experience can build a craft as sweet as the Nynja is something!020_yes.gif.58d361886eb042a872e78a875908e414.gif



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