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  1. I haven't contributed to this forum for some time but check it out from time to time. A couple of point I would like to make. CASA's charter makes CASA responsible for aviation safety in Australia. They can delegate their authority to a third party (RAA) but they can't delegate their responsibility. So they will always set the rules for the third party. BEWARE. Secondly. RAA ,M&M and the RAA board can do anything they want. They know that only around 10% of members vote in board elections, which is just bloody pathetic. What do they have to fear. Until members take an ACTIVE i
  2. Like MartyG I started at Latrobe Valley in 1985. In the clubs fleet of C172s EUI,STH, UGO, First lesson on Feb 1st, first solo on Feb 6th. Passed my restricted licence on March 14th and unrestricted on June 10 th. Great instructors John Willis, Alex Hood and Alan Helding. A great time in my life .
  3. Repotredly (reliable inside information) Graham Hosking's Corsair suffered an hydraulic failure and crash landed in a field near Sydney with extensive damage. Thankfully the pilot is reported as ok.. My heart goes out to Graham he has spent years rebuilding this beautiful aeroplane. Greg
  4. The Ryan belongs to Graham Hosking who was flying it. Reportedly the engine just stopped. He has done a great job putting it down as he has. I'm sure he will rebuild her.
  5. If you are only using one of the CHT sensors (most just use the hottest cyl) swap the CHT sensor to the oil pump and see if it makes a difference. My recollection is that they are VDO sensors as mark suggested. Greg.
  6. Just a thought. have the new carbie diaphragms been fitted correctly. there are small lugs on the diaphragms which must be mated with corresponding detents in the piston and carbie body. If they are not lined up the engine will run very rough. Also check that the piston is free to travel up and down smoothly, if the top of the chamber is not tightened correctly it can jamb the piston. Greg.
  7. Looks like you are doing a nice job as usual. I like the spats on as I think they finish it off nicely. You should get another 2-3 knots at cruise. Greg.
  8. I am looking for a contact from Murray Bridge or the Adelaide Hills area. I may need some hanger space and wonder just what is available. Greg.
  9. The vent at the rear of the cowl (at the top) will certainly help to get rid of the hot air surrounding the engine after shutdown, increasing the size a little will help with heat soak but I'm not sure it is going to help while climbing out. It depends just where the oil cooler is mounted. Greg.
  10. Seems to me there is enough air going through the radiator to keep the CHT under control. You may need to reposition the oil cooler so that it is getting more air flow through it. I have the same problem with my 912 although I am still in the green but only just. A small lip on the bottom of the cowl can make a huge difference to the amount of air going through the cowls. Greg.
  11. Oh bugger! I just don't know what to say. I didn't know Ross well, but well enough to know that he would like us all to smile when we think of him. RIP. Condolences to his friends and family.
  12. Congratulations Mike. Your Nynja looks great and now flies very nicely after some minor adjustments. Enjoy flying your new Nynja I know you will love it. Don't envy you having to do 25 hours just in the training area but have fun anyway. Greg.
  13. One of the commitments I make to my clients is that I will be available to do the initial test flight of their new Nynja or Skyranger when it is ready to fly. With that in mind a trip to Alice Springs was in order. Chris Leisi has been toiling away on his new wide body Nynja for about 18 months in between operating a very successful tour company based in Alice Springs with his wife Anita. I had prepared my Nynja the previous day and was able to get away from Watts Bridge by 8.00 AM last Wednesday 19th. The weather was fine with just a light breeze on the nose I made reasonable time to Charl
  14. Congratulations to Chris Leisi in Alice Springs who now has his new Nynja flying. I had the privilege of doing the first test flight of Chris's new aircraft. I have to say it flies beautifully, hands and feet off after some very minor adjustment . Chris has been working on his Nynja in between operating a very successful tour operation with his lovely wife Anita. He has done a great job on the aircraft which is the first wide body Nynja in Australia. Chris is now in the process of flying off the 25 hours test flying and loving it. Thanks to Chris and Anita for their wonderful hospitality durin
  15. Hi Mike. I,m with Scott it is a credit to you
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