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Missing Aircraft

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RAAus Operations have received a request for information from Tamworth police after reports were received yesterday (15th June 2014) of a possible missing aircraft in the Dungowan/Weabonga area, with initial searches concentrating in the Oakey Creek area.


Two reports were received from members of the public of an aircraft flying overhead followed by the sound of an impact and what is believe to be a small trail of smoke.


Members with relevant information are requested to urgently contact Operations on 0400 28 00 87


Jill Bailey Operations Manager Recreational Aviation Australia Inc.



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Jill Bailey's office phoned me today looking for names of local fliers, in case someone was overdue. After lots of calls, nobody I know has any info. One old mate reported his neighbour ( a very reliable man) heard the aircraft and several agencies have been searching the Dungowan area. Dense forest and rugged terrain doesn't help. Hope it's a false alarm.


So many pilots like to go for a fly without telling anyone. It's our right, but can sure cause problems for others.



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Quite heartening that they are going to this much trouble on the strength of an unconfirmed report. I might just become a little more conscientious about leaving a flight note, even a 45 minute local jolly can cover a lot of ground.



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Members are advised that subsequent to further Operations contact with Tamworth Police, and to the extent possible at this stage, with a significant search effort expended, it has been determined there may not be an aircraft missing in the area reported.


Police intend to continue investigations and members are requested to contact Operations if any further information regarding a missing aircraft or pilot comes to light.


Jill Bailey Operations Manager (acting General Manager) Recreational Aviation Australia Inc.



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