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Registration Numbers


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It sort of tells you which bit of legislation the aircraft is registered under. However, it only sort of tells you... for instance, 24 prefix is factory built, but could be either LSA or type-certified.





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What is the significance of the different prefixes on registration numbers please?

They are different categories. Just off the top of my head:

10 = an aircraft built under ANO/CAO95.10


25 = 95.25 (factory built)


55 = 101.55


19 = 95.55 amateur built


24= 95.55 LSA


32 = 95.32 (weight shift)



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Well I have been reading us much as I can about this but it really is confusing.


I looked at a 28 registered plane that has a claimed MTOW of 544 Kg but by my reading it cant go over 450kg.


Am I missing something. Is there something that shows the weight for a specific aircraft.


Then there is a similar aircraft with 55 reg that has a claimed MTOW of 500 kg.





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If I am reading correctly, the old CAO 101.28 (now covered by 55 reg), had a MTOW of 544 kg and was 51%rule amateur built, but the stall speed was different to the current 55 rules.



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