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Is the hoverbike about to become reality?

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BBC article:


"The device is named the Aero-X and it takes up about as much room as a small car. Eventually there will be space for just two passengers though, and early prototypes show only one brave test-rider, who perches on top of two horizontal spinning blades encased in circular housings. The company calls it a crossover vehicle. It is technically a hovercraft, but it apparently feels like riding a motorbike. It is designed for low-altitude flying, and can zoom over ground that even an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) would struggle with. Aerofex says it will be capable of 72km/h (45mph). But at a cost of $85,000, who is a crossover hoverbike aimed at, beyond the odd rich eccentric with a head for heights?" *



* the last sentence sounds like some here no? 015_yelrotflmao.gif.6321765c1c50ed62b69cf7a7fe730c49.gif



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Actually I'm thinking this may be more fun and much cheaper:


Insane Jet-Powered Hoverboard Lets You Fly Over the Waves




[/url]Catching waves is rad.


Flying 16 feet above them on a hoverboard propelled by a stream of high-speed H2O is radder."





Darn, turns out it needs a big hose those. Who wants one of those?










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I'd prefer one like this! No hose needed


A hoverboard like the fictional one used by Marty McFly in Back To The Future II (pictured) does not need water propulsion. The aquatic equivalent, from French jet ski champion Franky Zapata, is set to launch this summer and can be pre-ordered for $2,675 (£1,577)



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