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Excellent letter...


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Mr. James Smith,


206 Andover Road,






Dear Mr. Smith,


Many thanks for your letter, suggesting your ex-wife as an ideal candidate for our new quiz show.


I have reviewed the qualities you describe of her and agree that she may possess the attributes we are looking for in the show's contestants.


However, before we take this any further, I must point out that the name of the show is actually 'Fact Hunt'.


In light of this, please let me know if we should proceed and contact the lady concerned.




Charles Knight,


Light Entertainment,


BBC Television Centre,





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I'm guessing the show's host's name is Mike?Which reminds me ...





Can just hear the staff talking...


"Anyone seen Mike Hunt today?"




"It's raining heavily... Mike Hunt's dripping wet!!"




"Mike Hunt got pounded last night!"




"Mike Hunt really needs a shave."



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