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Fitting 912 to Sonerai2


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Looks like it's time to buy yourself a lottery ticket, or two.


How were the temps, or what indications did you get of impending failures.


Obviously something/s are drastically wrong.


What engine do you have installed?


Who checked the aircraft out initially?


Surely someone knowledgable would have picked up a problem on the initial test flights, so it could be sorted out minimising more risky outlandings.



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Im not too mechanical but here is a small summery of failures: four wires 'fell' out of the plugs to coils due to poor crimping (in circuit and able to land); magnetic pick-up comes loose from timing wheel (dead stick, in circuit and able to land); engine failure at 1500ft above threshold we think due to carb icing. The last forced landing has not been analysed yet (frankly i'm not interested) but one of the cylinders failed and the vibration was too much to maintain any sort of power setting. All the other forced landings were due to CHT's being too high (new different engineered cylinder heads were supplied and problem was resolved). The Sonerai2 is built as a single seater and I was being converted by my instructor while all this was happening. Not with standing the problems we have had, I have learnt that this is an amazing little aircraft and cannot wait for her to be powered by a power-plant that is more trustworthy. I have build 19 aircraft all but one with Rotax 912 or 582 power plants - twice we had engine problems and the local Rotax agent didn't hesitate to replace the engines. I would rather not say which one but it is an VW type engine.



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