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Surprise Gift

Guest john

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Jack had been married to Jill for 25 years & to celebrate their Jubilee wedding anniversary Jack decided to buy Jill the most expensive & outrageous lingerie.


He went to Target & asked the attractive sales lady to show him the most expensive see-through lingerie. The sales lady told Jack that the most expensive see-through lingerie costs $250.00. She then shows him this expensive see -through lingerie displayed on the dummy in the store , & jack buys this item.


The store gift wrapped the lingerie & Jack took it home & presented it to his wife & told her that the gift cost $250.00. He then asked his wife to go upstairs & put the lingerie on to model for him.


While upstairs Jill thought of a brain wave idea & after she put the see-through lingerie on she looked in the mirror & realised that the lingerie was so flimsy & see-through that it was almost as though you were still in your birthday suit. She then decided that she would return the lingerie to Target tomorrow & obtain a full refund of $250.00 & keep the money for herself.


Because Jack had asked her to go upstairs & put the lingerie on & then come down to model it for him, she went down stairs with nothing on instead & strikes a pose in front of Jack. Jack looked at Jill in her birthday suit & remarked: "It wasn't that creased on the dummy in the shop.016_ecstatic.gif.156a811a440b493b0c2bea54e43be5cc.gif"



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Mate was buying some for his wife some years ago when another woman in the shop asked him if he would like her to put it so he could see what it looked like. Don't know if the story is real or fantasy.



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