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CASA castigated by the Ombudsman

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Very relevant post here TAA.


CASA have been a law unto themselves ever since I've been in the aviation game, (52 years now, and counting.....slowly).


My concern is that, after much prodding, the 'bear' will emerge from it's cave, (Canberra has many), and lash out at it's tormentors. And the easiest of those to attack are the RAAO's such as RAAus. It has a backlog of several Coronial recommendations toward ensuring these groups adopt better safety measures - what more reason?


The major problem for RAAO's is more to do with additional funding to implement the many safety related 'wishes' which are, and likely to be, foisted upon us. CASA isn't funding RAAus adequately at present. Minister Truss needs his alarm clock reset and his nanna nap interrupted to positively direct CASA.....again! We can but hope!


happy days,



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Casa have ignored bigger sticks than the coroner and the ombusman

Including the Forsyth report and most of the recommendations in it even though approved by the Government.



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Yeah, thats kind of what I saw as a possible outcome"see we implemented 25% of your recommendations, now RAAO are compliant"

Easiest target and cost them nil

Yep that's the real concern. The coroners courts often make Ivory tower judgements and some of those have involved experimental aircraft. The courts seem to be able to ignore things like real world freedom and rights of individuals to take risks if they choose. They make prescriptive rulings to save us from ourselves.


Casa can then be claiming their prescriptive rules are what society wants ( the same society who basically ignores deaths on the roads that happen at rates hundreds or thousands of times higher than that in aircraft).



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