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  1. What’s really annoying is the “no-lockdown” brigade talking and acting like there is a no lockdown option. everyone has to realise there’s are only two options and they both involve lockdowns. 1. lockdowns and control spread before the deaths and overrunning of health services happen or 2. Lockdown after we have lost control and the deaths have happened and the health system can’t cope. At the moment there are NO other options.
  2. Yep. Figures in most developing countries are suspect. Reporting, diagnosis and cause of deaths are mostly inaccurate. China is an odd one to know how true it’s figures are. It’s highly likely they are purposely underreported for political reasons rather than true diagnostic reporting issues.
  3. Excess infection and death rate continued across summer and winter. Other Scandinavian countries are same cold but their death rate was 3-8 times less.
  4. Yow! jumped quite a bit from when I last looked at the figures. so basically if you run the deaths per population and compare Sweden to Australia they had 37.5 times the death rate of Australia. Pretty scary way to work out the herd immunity by natural infection isn’t a good approach.
  5. This is the problem with statistics. Sweden only had about 9000 deaths so in that list given above they were dropped right off the bottom somewhere. so the unknowing would look at it suggest the did well with the strategy. The truth is a bit different. But Sweden only has a small population ( I forget what but about 10 million seems to stick in my mind) anyway the point being that the death rate in Sweden ended up being about 3 times that of the nearest Scandinavian/Northern European country. And not only that. They were one of the first European countries to run out of hospital & ICU b
  6. Yep. I saw a list of “normal” life risks that are more than the risk of AZ related clot formation. Extensive list of things that no one takes a second thought at doing. Risk of clots is way greater if you are female and take the pill. Driving in city traffic was not far off it but no one worries about that.
  7. That’s what the medical community has been saying since the beginning. The political masters are the ones who have countered that advice with stuff like “there has to be an international airport nearby, there has to be a major hospital nearby, the hotels have to be near the final destination for the majority of travellers”. All patently rubbish but good for votes and to placate the noisy masses. The idea of non-connected open air single donga style was floated and proved by the Darwin model yet pollies made endless concessions and pretences that the CBD system would work despite the obvious f
  8. If I recall the reason is it was actually not a breach of the rules. It was a media beat up made worse if I recall because one of the party either had a low level ( false ) positive test result or a positive for past infection but not active or infectious positive test. If I recall they had actually entered into southern Queensland before the border closure and had spent time in southern Queensland before coming up here to Cairns. The media quite happily said nothing about that but made out they came directly to Cairns. The details only came out during the investigation but was not announ
  9. I think this is an overreaction. Removing the radios will then limit your access to many airfields. So it’s throwing the baby out with the bath water. There are a myriad of (“legal”) reasons why a pilot will not hear a specific radio call even while listening diligently from terrain shielding to other stations transmitting at the same time to high cockpit workload at the time and probably heaps more. The legislation doesn’t say you must hear the call it says you must monitor the frequency. There’s a world of difference.
  10. I’m digging through the depths of my memory but could be wrong but I was thinking that once the nuts and bolts are engaged (by the use of the Jack or by a compressing clamp like I have) then it’s just the number of turns of the nut that controls the depth of the rubber compression.
  11. Interesting. Mine is easy. Has adequate clearance to do it without tools or trouble. But my mates is same as yours. He just can’t get it off without ( I think) dropping the whole carby off the engine. I’ve often wondered if one of us has it done wrong. (His of course!!😆😆) wondered if the rubber engine mounts could be compressed up just a bit more or less and give just a few mm forward movement of the engine. Can’t remember which way would make a difference.
  12. True but…… real life example from a few years ago. A pilot was spending more than $2000 per year every for all the CASA required medicals, tests etc etc they deemed he had to have every year. So he said bugger it I’m gonna fly anyway so he did and he got to 6 years of flying before he got sprung. CASA took him to court and he got fined $6000. He was happy he got 6 years flying for half the price. As far as I know he stopped then anyway because he felt his flying days were over anyway. In an odd sort of way everyone ended up happy!
  13. You might be surprised by the number who fly around everywhere(not just over their own properties) without a licence. And probably not be surprised at the number who have the licence but fly without a medical
  14. I agree. If it were me I would done as you suggest.
  15. I disagree. Adequate Cross wind training doesn’t stop you ever having a cross wind landing accident ( speaking from experience). All it takes is things being a bit different to the conditions in the days of training and even small deficiencies that would never be called inadequate training can rear up and bite you. Mine was lots of Cross wind training at normal airfields but on the day to land at an airport which has rows of trees alongside the runway with the threshold being in a hollow creating rolling turbulence as well as cross wind, and a wind sock only at the far end of the runwa
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