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Foxbat A22


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Hi All,


There doesn't seem to be much said about the Foxbat A22 in this forum, so I was wondering, does that mean it is good or otherwise, I am wondering what the owners and pilots with airtime with this craft says,







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Garry, naturally there are some Foxbats out there but I also haven't seen much mentioned about them. The club/school at Port Macqaurie have one and they have done about 600hrs in theirs so far in less then a year. If you want to know more Booker YPMG of these forums is the Snr instructor there so you could always send him a PM.



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My mate Trevor has one hangared here. It is a very roomy, well designed and built aircraft. I don't know why more flying schools are not using them. They are a much better aircraft to learn in than any other ones that I have seen. My strip is 200 metres between the fences and it lands and takes off quite easily in that distance. On a trip he cruises at 85 knots at 14 litres per hour which means that you can cruise at well into the 90's if you are in a hurry, without stressing the 912S. The cockpit is 50 inches wide across the shoulders as it has bubble doors. Visibility is excellent all round and down.



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Guest NigelB

The Sydney Recreational Flying Club took delivery of a brand new yellow Foxbat A22 on the wednesday morning before Easter at Redcliffe (Brisbane) and flew it direct to Narromine for Natfly 2008.


As I write this the aircraft has completed approx. 28 hours, having had it's first 25hr service last weekend.


This aircraft is available to all club members and will be used for all forms of pilot training (except tailwheel) and joins our existing Lightwing GR912.


The SRFC operates from The Oaks airfield southwest of Sydney.





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Dunno if a report from the UK is of any interest, BUT. . . . . we have SIX Foxbats at our field (othertonairfield.co.uk ) and they are a beautifully sorted aircraft design. The UK version was forced to have a centre stick rather than twin yokes, which some people regard as a bit of a pain,. . . but that does not diminish the general quality and sturdiness of the aeroplane.


They are a very stable and predictable platform for both training and cruising about, and with two 37 litre fuel tanks, and a couple of skinny crew members, can travel from our airfield in central UK to Paris non - stop.


Initially, they can be a little slippery for some students, as close attention to speed control in the circuit is important, but easily sorted with the stick mounted electric pitch trim.


We are quite lucky to have Foxbat number one, still happily flying after some twelve years, ( G-FBAT) the first airframe delivered to the UK, the importer used to be based at our site. I think we still hold the UK record for more Foxbats per acre of ground than any other airfield in the country !! We have 5 standard models, and one Foxbat Sport, which has the sightly smaller wingspan.


I personally have around 97 hours on type, although I don't own one myself. . . . .( qualified ballast ) Yep. . . darned good aeroplane, but I wish the PFA/LAA had allowed the yokes, as I'm not really a fan of centre "shared" stick controls. . . .





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Hiya Tornado. . . . .


Love them statistics. . . . .


Well,. . . the cheese 'N' kisses reckons I'm an internet Troll,. . . so I tend to Troll where others fear to thread. . . . . . .


(Slightly thinner )Phil. . . .( lost 16 Lbs, wossat in kilometres. . .? )



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