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Tecnams answer to Cessna


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here are some images that Bruce Stark was kind enough to send me of Tecnam's answer to the Cessna Skycatcher - this is a very nice looking aircraft:











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Looks like a Tecnam Bravo - P2004 - with remodelled windows and a main wing strut


I guess the smaller Cessnas have wing struts so Tecnam might as well have 'em too


I wonder what the diffrences and design philosphy are between the Bravo and this new model ?



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I would even say a bit more than that... but what a beautiful aeroplane. Can't wait to see it in Aus. Bruce tells me he gets to get his hands on one soon!



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Guest pelorus32

Dare I say it - I think this is a "mid-life update" like the car manufacturers do. I'm a big fan of the Tecnams and I suspect that this is really taking what they already have and offering it as a marketing gambit to front up to the Skycatcher.


Still what they already have flies well enough and has nice characteristics.







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