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Tornado at RAAF Museum in WA

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I was hearing on the radio a day or two ago that the very impressive RAAF Museum in Bullcreek has just taken possession of a retired British Tornado aircraft.  This is apparently a Very Big Deal - all sorts of museums around the world were in the mix to try and get this, but the RAF picked WA because of the expertise of the (volunteer) people who restore and maintain all the aircraft (they have about 40 of them!).  Approval had to be obtained from every country that operates Tornadoes, and even from the USAF because there is some US technology aboard.  So I will definitely be making a visit there soon to have a look at this, I have been to the museum before but not for many years.  One of their more notable other aircraft is one of very few remaining Lancaster bombers.  Great place for aviation tragics!

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Here's todays ABC News article about the Tornado. I have already posted the Community Family Day event that the Bullcreek RAAFA Museum is having early next month, when the Tornado is put on display for the first time.




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