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Ram air turbine.

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We learn something new every day they say.

I wonder how many others were not aware of ram air turbines.

I for one have to admit it's news to me, so that's something I was not aware of before, but most of other info in this video clip I was aware of.

Others might find this interesting also?


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Or just imperial metric conversion.


Aviation reintroduced me to the joys of the imperial system. Pounds, feet, gallons, quarts, knots, it's like learning how to write Chinese hanzi after using an alphabet. Both are pretty and interesting but not particularly functional and should have gone into the historical dustbin years ago.

But inertia rather than common sense will keep both in use and people fighting for their continued existence.


For giggles look up how to type on a Chinese keyboard, or how to calculate the energy absorbed by the braking system of an A380 which lands at 145knots or 75m/s weighing 575000 kg (633 US tons). By the way the formula for metric is 1/2mv2 and you're done.  Would you answer in imperial units in BTUs, calories or "refrigeration tons"

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