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pilot shop on this site

mr badger

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hi everyone


just wondering if any one is having trouble with the pilot shop on this site ?


i have sent 3 e mails from the shop site requesting a price on the garmin gps 96 c and have not had a reply for 3 weeks anyone else experienceing this ???


cheers gary ( mr badger)040_nerd.gif.a6a4f823734c8b20ed33654968aaa347.gif



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Hi Gary


Sorry about that, it seems when I integrates the shop with the site I missed changing the mail server settings for the contact us part...I will contact you after I get a "todays" price on it first thing Monday morning...the Garmins change with the US dollar and as I place a very small margin on them I need to ensure the best price for you



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Thought I'd bump this thread up as I too am having difficulty getting in contact with them.


There were two phone numbers and an email address on my invoice: the mobile number has been disconnected according to the message, and they don't respond to email or messages on the other phone.


Also, it has been a month and a half since I ordered my stuff. Only got one of two items by chasing them. The other item is???? Who knows?


This much is for sure, I'll never buy anything else from this pilot shop!



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I've never had any issues, but why don't you try sending a PM to Ian "Admin" with your concerns.

I'll second that too, Ian has always been very quick to reply to a PM



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When I moved to Canberra for work I had an issue with not having an Internet connection and what data I had on my phone was quickly used up with communicating with my family. Add to that a glitch in the shop software where I wasn't being emailed orders and a communication breakdown between Corrine and I on who would do what with shop orders, I must apologize that things haven't been running as I like with the shop.


However, everything is being sorted out and due to all this we got behind in keeping up with on hand stock levels and catching up with emails and everything else. Many products have a 1 month lead time to get new stock in so there is a lot of stock arriving in the next 2 weeks so we can get back on top of things.


The shop is more of a service to simply help pay the cost of having this site and as I don't make any money from it in real terms which is why I have had to move to Canberra to earn an income, however this is no excuse for letting you guys down. I only get to go home every 2nd weekend so apart from new stock arriving soon Corrine and I will be clearing up the last of the communications issues this weekend.


Please pm me here on any current problems that I may have missed. Once again please accept my apologies but I am getting everything sorted



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