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Here is the timetable for the forums and workshops at this years NatFly - some great topics so make sure if you get to Narromine this year that you stop in on any of them that you may be interested in.





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Thanks Ian,New to this... do presenters generally deliver powerpoint... regardless, are presentations available publicly in soft form after the event for those unable to attend.


If possibel, could they be posted here ? :)



Hi Lee

I know that the presentation of this site will be done with a powerpoint presentation but I don't what others will be - I will make a note to try and get copies from any presenter that does for uploading to here.



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Guest TOSGcentral

In the past there has been little or anything forthcoming from the NatFly symposiums - you basically get your tail there to listen to them - or miss out.


This has been sad as only about 10% of the membership get to NatFly.


Other venues do produce notes that may not be very posh and are bound cheaply - but are consequently not costly and it is the information people want. Costs usually cover production expenses and allow a modest profit margin to make the exercise worthwhile.





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