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Lightning Ridge, video trip


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just a quick video trip report of a day flying around Lightning Ridge. November 2010.


According to Locals, the Coocoran Dam fills once every 20 yrs on average, but actually Floods once every 100 yrs or so. its currently Flooded, and apparently already receded a few metres before our trip.



Trip from Wollongong to Lightning ridge via Bathurst, to catch up with Dave, took about 4.5 hrs, and used approx 70 Ltrs with a refuelling stop at Walgett for the trip home, again via Bathurst, for a toilet stop. TAS is 85 Kts and fuel burn of 17 ltr/hr average.


Its good to see some RAAus activity at Lightning ridge, where we met a lovely guy named Ashley who has just completed a Jodel.. after hearing mixed stories about Lightning ridge, i was quite surprised at just how friendly everyone is, and i can see why many people who visit, never leave...



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Hi Rob


Great to see 4854 is getting a good work out - I have been flat out and am now training my first 2 suckers - er - students. Have 120 hours on the new Savvy and she is going fine. Are you still coming our way about Xmas. We are going to 1770/Agnes Waters from 22 to 27 Dec - flying if the weather permits. Let us know your itinery and we will try to catch up







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Just saw this thread and it brought back memorys, flew out there with a mate in july, and yes what a unique place.


I keep telling my wife how awesome the place was, and now she thinking of doing a first crosscountry trip with me, too see for herself.


As she has always said the royal family don't fly 2gether. But we drive together? Good stuff Rob. Got me thinking again, now all i need is a couple of sunny days, could be the problem lol. cheers



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