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  1. Congratulations. You just stretched your "experience" muscle and now have a new ability to picture your approach to "new" airfields with spacial awareness that can be practiced before you even start the engine.
  2. These guys repaired mine Aircraft Radio Sales & Services | Archerfield Airport | Avionics The big blue shed at Archerfield
  3. Or the Students learning ability or The Instructors Methodology or the Method of Assessment or The Key Indicators or many other variables that cannot be written into or out of a curriculum. Much like surgeons, spacecraft and ultralights, pilots are individually hand made and no two are the same or respond in the same way to identical stimuli.
  4. Instructors are (supposedly) overseen by a CFI. CFI's are overseen by .........You need to look a bit higher up the chain of command to rectify the trickle down effect.
  5. You can get a black gloss ceramic to maintain a luster if you want. Although it does lower the heat dissapation. I had it done on my motorcycle
  6. Item # CCA-2450, ROTAX OIL DRAIN VALVE Brass •12mm-1.75mm •Length: 1.45-Inch •Lock Wire Drilled •Action: Spiral, Lock Open Application: Rotax 912F2, 912F3, 912F4, 914F2, 914F3, 914F4
  7. I would have a talk with Nick at Lightwing. Costs nothing to talk and I'm sure they would have already have seen this problem if there is an AD out for 55 Reg. This sounds as if it is a Lightwing problem not a Rotax problem.
  8. Thanks again for the unqualified comment. As holder of an instructors certificate I find your comments quite condescending. The problem remains one of a test designed with no supportive curriculum, feedback mechanism, learning objects or outcome measures. As a qualified trainer and assessor this form of test falls far below the Australian Qualifications Framework requirements, even at Certificate II level (the lowest requirement) and does a serious disservice to those willing to learn. The problem is not with the student it is with a poorly designed course that is designed to meet a
  9. Thanks for the criticism. If this is not an educational course why is there more than eight hours of reading material and several instructional videos contained in the "Exam" ? Can you kindly point out any training organisation offering Weight and Balance educational courses. Yes there was lots of online/pdf etc training material in the "Exam" Thus still does not address my frustration in not knowing where the failure lies. Without such information I am unwilling to learn the complete CAO's and CASA regulations verbatim to be able to "legally" weigh one aircraft. A library of li
  10. Anyone having trouble getting access to the L1 on-line learning site? Pickup the telephone. They are surprisingly helpful.
  11. P4D

    Pseudo GA

    Hello Col You seem to have an issue with RAA. Why not take it up with your local rep. You say "If RAA was given the same right as your GA instructor to issue a Class C/D endo then you would be good to go into Class D " I say If RAA was given the same rights as GA it would be called GA not RAA which is my original point..........RECREATIONAL flying. (Edited - Moderator)
  12. P4D

    Pseudo GA

    Hello Col I don't intend getting into a personal slanging match by discussing personal qualities as you suggest. I simply state that there are existing regulations that need to be complied with to enter CTA for both the pilot and their aircraft. Simply stamping a license with a CTA endorsement at renewal falls far short of those requirements.
  13. P4D

    Pseudo GA

    Hello Col Do you think we should have a special dispensation rule for Technam's in Class D written into our regulations or just go with the current rules governing classes of equipment, licensing and skills?
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