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HORSCOTS 1987 report on sports aviation safety

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People mention the HORSCOTS 1987 report quite a lot, but I fancy very few have ever read the committee's final report following their enquiry into sports aviation safety, probably because it is so hard to locate. It makes good reading these days.


I have placed a 9 MB pdf copy at http://www.recreationalflying.com/tutorials/students/horscots_1987_PP3A.pdf




John Brandon



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Thanks John, it will be interesting to read it again after all these years. The report was really already a given before it was even written. The Govt and Dept of the day realised that regulation of the growing sport was required and fast to curb the disturbing increase in accidents that were occurring in the two seater and heavier single seat aircraft that were appearing. The Horscots report quickly gave the Govt the green light to for. It was the catalyst for the beginning of an interesting period.





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Recommendation 22 is interesting given the current situation with spinning. Everyone ought learn at least basic recovery techniques for a developed spin (at least 3 turns, anyway) in my view.


Many of the pioneer ultralight brigade came and learned to fly gliders back in the early 1980's before venturing forth in their McCullough (chainsaw motor) powered beasts.


I remember one guy came and brought his UL with him...funny little thing with a rag wing and engine on a stick out the front. Peter Johnson had a trial "flight" in it and rode it like a broom. He was running along with this thing between his legs and the engine bellowing but every time he sat on it it settled back on the ground...amazing!


That was when I decided to go GA.





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