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Membership details query


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I have received my renewal notice from RAAus as is usual at this time of year. I have noticed on the "Database Details for Member" sheet that comes with the renewal notice, an item termed 'Medical Review Due By: - with the date being 06 Aug 2006!! I didn't think we were required to have medicals unless we suffered from epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, or were 75 years of age or older - none of which apply to me. And in case you were wondering, I am not an instructor:big_grin:


I'm not sure why I've missed this in previous years, but it seems to me to be a wrong entry in my details. I rang the RAAus office just now and spoke with a nice lady - Joanne I think her name was, who said she would get the correct person to ring me back on Monday.


I'm just wondering if anyone here has similar incorrect information. I know we are requested every year to review our details and notify the office of any incorrect information but this is a mystery to me as to why it is there, and what is the purpose.





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Don't worry - my RAA husband is over 70yrs and they don't ask him for a medical, but I am a NON-flying member and they ask me for a medical each renewal, and I photocopy my GA medical and post it to them. ??? insane.gif.b56be3c4390e84bce5e5e6bf4f69a458.gif


They must figure if one of us is certified still breathing we are OK to fly. Or perhaps they think I am the responsible one. 027_buddies.gif.22de48aac5a25c8f7b0f586db41ef93a.gif





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