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RFDS headlight landing


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You can do these things when you are trained to. The Army C-180 pilots did landings with car headlights and they have essentially NO forward visibility after the tail is lowered.


My initial night flying was done with a SINGLE row of flare pots on the left and an extra light each end. The single row gives you no "wings level" indication. Nev



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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itIUm6vExEwNot much explanation needed, can't believe the skill and nerve of these RFDS pilots.

I'm not sure whether nerve is the correct adjective. Its all skill and training.


This landing looks like a standard night landing to me. However RFDS (and others) training includes engine out instrument approaches etc. I have seen RFDS abort landings and fly back to base. They will not take unwarrented risks.



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Thats pretty much how it is out there, nearly all stations in the store room, have about 30-40 empty jam tins, and a 20lt jerry can with the diesel/petrol mix, the thing to do is, place the tins along the edge of the strip, tip in the the fuel and light, the flares on :) but only light then when the planes about 10 mins out, other wise the tins run out of fuel



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