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First flight For Xair VH-VTW


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This afternoon my Xair Hanuman VH-VTW took to the air for its maiden flight all went well flight lasted for 30 min, flies beautiful weather was perfect all went well.


Looking forward to getting it to NATFLY 2013.


Cheers Tony



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Well done Tony,Must be the utlimate satisfying experience. Enjoy and have a safe flight to Temora.


Thanks Phil its very satisfying I still haven't come down. Unfortantly I wont be flying it to Natfly this year, Im flying a RV 7A in on Friday.



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Same colour as my xair hanuman. Good stuff.

Thanks. I had seen yours at Natfly Temora last year on the Xair display stand ,what propeller pitch are you runing on yours?



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Thanks Mal. Why VH I hold a PPL & at the time of registering it RAA were in discussion with CASA to get a height increase & not sure if that was going to get passed. My personal opinnion is that SAAA are better orgainised than RAA.


Benefits Rego is a one off payment not annual, I can fly in to controlled airspace.


Downside getting the C of A was lot of extra work especially with weight & balance charts Xair manufacture is really limted they have a Excell programe where you in put the weights from your aircraft press enter & if the number comes up in the green she's in balance, CASA wants a little more than that so we had a bit of work to do on that.





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Congrats on getting into the air. Well done.As a side note, you can still go into controlled airspace in RAA aircraft, just need a PPL and the required aircraft equipment like transponder etc...

Yeah I know that.



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