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  1. I found all my GA BFR were fairly mundane, depending on the CFI you got at the time. I did my conversion to an RAA certificate the first BFR I had in RAA was fantastic. Did it in my own aircraft came away knowing my aircraft a lot more than I previously did. Actually due in March for my BFR looking forward to it. Ill be in touch soon Bruce!
  2. Thats exactly why I dont fly into Goulburn. The man is a fool.
  3. Just on the off chance did anyone who did attend get any photos or video of aircraft and displays. Even if the fence was in the way or not?? It would be good to see some action for those that couldn't attend.
  4. Out of all those choices if you can afford it the Lycoming!
  5. Deadly plane crash near Hobby caught on camera Here is the link to a security camera footage of the crash. Please take heed of the warning at start of video. There is an audio link from ATC as to the lead up of the crash.
  6. With those leak down results I would give this one a miss.


    Not 100% sure but I think someone from Wedderburn had put a deposit on a sub sonex kit while they were at EAA.
  8. Sorry Tomo there are no Hangar spaces at Mittagong. The waiting list is very long.
  9. Sorry to hear about your situation hope you get back in the air soon. I dont want to sound blunt but once oil pressure was lost I would not have flown the aircraft back home regardless. Just an observation I have come across since I started test flying my aircraft was majority of pilots I spoke to who fly Jab engine, when asked what oil temp & pressure they read for my own comparison, they couldn't give me an exact figure all just said its in the green. I find that concerning as flying is not only piloting the aircraft its also engine management.
  10. When it comes to the RAA there bark is worse than their bit. That is if you hear their bark! Silence can be deafening???
  11. I think everyone is jumping to a lot conclusions which is understandable. This is just a draft nothing is set as yet. Whether these proposal's or more will come in affect only time will tell. If there is one positive that comes out of this at least the company will have to act one way or another.
  12. Thank you Planey for you kind comments I appreciate it. I plan on being at Wedderburn in November hope to see you there again. Cheers
  13. It has an emergency back up power if the main power is interrupted. I also have a backup ASI which also has a backup power system. Thats all you need for this type of aircraft. You can here the engine to estimate what rpm your doing. Very forgiving aircraft to fly. Hope this helps you out
  14. 11 lph is not possible for a 2200, the Jab manual states between 17 - 17.6 ltr @ 2750rpm. With the Xair whether your rpm is 2850 or 2750 there is no increase in speed or fuel burn. The digital instruments are nice to have the only problem is they are sensitive to any slight change compared to normal gauges. Different builders get different results it all comes down to how they build, how they set up engine & prop combination. I can only go by what I have done & what I have achieved. I find with the Jabiru I spent a lot of my test hours working on the cooling intakes & the ram
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