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Rotax 582 starting


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Hi All


Maybe someone has the answer


A friend has a 582 which doesnt seem to want to start with elect starter (seems to wind over quick enough) but then one pull on the rope starter and it roars to life first pull


Anyone got the answer ????



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As doug said check the starter bushings, if those are ok then check all your starter electrics and battery condition too.


Mine did that but on a gray head, the very first start of the day and ok after that. At that time it was a faulty voltage regulator, got one from that chap in Brisbane and never had any problems after that. Maybe i tightened up something loose or somthing like that.





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Mine exhibited precisely those symptoms when the alternator was failing. A steel cap from one of the 4 lighting-coils had come off and was slowly grinding the stator-magnets into dust. Grey dust was slowly emerging from the alternator vent-hole. I ended up rebuilding the engine due to the high hours it had done. Problem solved.



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