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The Recreational Flying Workshop Program


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Correct Maintenance of our aircraft as we know could save our life but there is also the correct "methods" used when maintaining our aircraft and knowledge in this area will never go astray. Steve Bell use to hold workshops for recreational aviators in these areas and is now planning a group of workshops that will be held around Australia for you in these areas, like he use to hold to packed out audiences. The Recreational Flying Workshop Program is another initiative that we hope you will avail yourself of for your benefit in increased knowledge about maintaining your aircraft helping you to fly safer.


What are your thoughts...what types of workshops would you be interested in...please add them here for Steve to read:



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Onya Steve, it will be good having you around.


I'm interested in furthering my knowledge of most things in aviation, but give some thought to propellers and how to team them with engines in the correct configuration. Please:)





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