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First impressions of the FK9.

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I have recently had the opportunity to be endorsed on the FK9. I have a total grand time of 2.5 hrs in this aircraft, I have previously only flown jabs so that is all I have to compare it with.


It looks, more or less, like a Jabiru. A high-winged, two-seat, composite Light Sports Aircraft. Designed in Germany by Otto and Peter Funk of B&F and assembled in Poland. It comes in a couple of models I have only flown the base model called the "professional" designed as a training aircraft with dual controls.


I won't bore you with details and specs, simply my impressions of flying the thing.


1. Bit of a struggle to get in for me, not being a spring chicken anymore I struggled to clamber over the control stick and not bang my head on the door at the same time.


2. Pretty squeezy for 2 people. Try as I might could not help but rub shoulders and legs with passenger particularly when using trim or (hand) brakes.


3. struggle to move adjustable seats (they are adjustable, at least fore and aft and recline) can't be done in situ so need to suck it and see and if wrong get out and do it again. As a result no need for adjustable pedals. Seats are comfortable with good view outside.


4. Full harness seat belts takes some fitting/explaining to passenger.


5, This particular aircraft has a MID which takes a bit of getting used to, I prefer a plain old checklist.


6. Rotax 80hp motor and all necessary instruments easy to see and reach. 50l tanks in wings with separate fuel taps.


7. Usual start and run up procedures but not used to waiting oil temp to hit 60 before T.O.


8. No flaps used on T.O though they are available however VNE with flaps 1 pretty low 60 kts so easy to exceed that on T.O


9. Climbs like a rocket @ 70kt 1200fpm. Flies Ok but see next point. Not fast, comfortable cruise 90-100Kts a lot smoother at 60-70Kts, but why fly at that speed. Excellent control in turns.


10. Bit bouncy in the air, needs to be flown as apposed to let it do its thing (like a Jab), seemed to be constantly adjusting trim, rpm, ailerons to maintain speed, direction and altitude. (MTOW 540Kgs) maybe a bit light??


11. Landing, it's in a class of it's own. Full flaps, point it at the ground IAS 50-60 kts, flare, not much (if any) float and it its just down before you know it, brakes are excellent. Easy.


12. Compared to the Jabs, landing is a piece of cake. flying it seems to need more attention than a Jab. It costs about the same as a Jab (a little more maybe). Rotax better engine?? a nice aircraft but a bit squeezy and light for me. I will continue to fly it and see what I think in time to come.


Please don't hassle me with comments like I should not point an aircraft at the ground or having to "fly the aircraft" it's poetic licence.



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