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Alpi 300 vs tl-2000 vs Falco vs .....

Guest robc

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Maybe you guys can help- I really like the look of the SF.260 but want something a bit better in fuel consumption and reliability, I am looking at the Alpi pioneer 300, the TL-2000 sting RG and maybe a used falco.


-retractable wheels


-seats 2 or more


-sub 10 GPH - prefer auto gas, if possible


-good looking and sporty


-wood or metal


-factory build if new, can do used.


-250k usd and under


Anything to add, maybe something else?







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I am building a Morgan Sierra 100 but you can get factory built as well. Not retractable but there are plenty of options and 135 knot cruise at about 21 litres (5.5 US gallons) per hour with the Jabiru 3300 engine. All Aluminium and very strong. There is also the 2+2 option of the Cougar. Have a look at the website http://www.morganaeroworks.com.au/index.html


Photo of a recently complete Cougar attached1931869174_001(2).jpg.1e124f50cd5fa2de5639eba31c1afad9.jpg



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