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Corryong fly-in this weekend.


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When are they going up Nev? I wouldn't mind tagging along if it was early Sat as I need to be back "before last light" ;) on the Sat arvo as it is Mothers day on Sun so have to be home for that



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Unfortunately the fog down here has put a stop to this trip - may have to go over to Morwell to deliver some headsets instead if the fog lifts in time.



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Follow-up to Corryong Fly-in.


Think there were about 17 aircraft arrived, mostly GA. but about 6 RAAUS. types (mostly the long legged variety), CTsw & Pioneers, & Murphy Rebel .


My group, went via Wangaratta, and after fuelling, went generally straight over the hills to Corryong, dodging the Albury airspace, This is genuine tiger country in parts. I was somewhat surprised how rough it is, as I have been on just about every road in this area on motorbikes, (no exaggeration), and you think it's more open, viewed that way.


The aerodrome is 1600m long & sealed at about 950' altitude. The pilots of the taildraggers, all agree that landing on sealed strips is more challenging.


The local council got behind this event , and paid for the use of a Toyota bus, & subsidised the evening meal to a certain extent.


The beaut forecast, during the week, turned out to not be that good as there was rain down the east coast, I believe, and we in the south copped fogs in the valleys till about 1100 in some areas, and due to the burning off in the mountains, plenty of smoke to reduce visibility.


I believe this venue has potential, but I would recommend that the route through Holbrook, north of the Murray, is the better choice & that using Holbrook as a stopping point, all of the RAAus aircraft could access this event.


Perhaps this could be arranged in the future Nev.....



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