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Thanks to Ian


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not sure where to post but wanted to thank Ian for his phone help with the new recGPS..


I am very happy with it ,its awesome,been finding my way around the house No worries..lol took it up in the thruster this morning and was very satified with the result..Im Not one for permoting but was glad I recomended to Locky Hill whome also made a purchace as he was worried about the low price but its the goods,,Thank you Ian Baker for you help and for selling us poorer folk budget aviation gear that works a treat...yay so happy.. and very much recomended...107_score_010.gif.2fa64cd6c3a0f3d769ce8a3c21d3ff90.gif



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WOW, didn't expect that mate...but I am glad you are happy with it. I just wish there was a decent software product for Android as I really want to start providing the 7" and 10" tablet PCs with all the gear on them for you. The XCSoar program, which is completely FREE and for Android is a start.


Have spent today trying to source Safety Wire Twisters that I should be able to start selling soon for nearly half their normal price so I am always trying to find ways to get good products as cheap as possible for everyone



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