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No this aircraft was in goondiwindi. But it gets bloody cold up there too.

It has been many years since I have been there so just wondering about it for a potential fuel and/or overnight stop? I see the ERSA entry for Avgas - "No carnet" and $20 callout fee. As I recall it was a $20 callout fee 20 years ago.
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Been 6 years since I got fuel at Goondi. I had called the day before and pre-arranged it, then phoned 1 hour out. Still got left waiting for an hour in 40 degree heat. Hence have not been back since.



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I was there late last year. If you contact Lowes Petroleum they will put you in touch with the guy who refuels and if you text him about an hour before you get there he will come up. He was very friendly, let me pay with a Visa, and didn't charge a call out fee. Get in contact with him and chat about your trip a bit and you will get a friendly result. The little terminal is a good place to get out of the cold!



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