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Hi to all,


next year i an looking at the possibility of moving to Tonga for 3 years with work. Therefore can anyone tell if i am able to fly my microlight in this country and what would be required to do so.


my other option is to sell but i an concerned of falling out of currency/auth and losing the skill set


any help would be great



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As a general rule, as microlights are operated under national regulations, you can only fly a foreign registered machine for a limited period, if at all.


A example exists in Europe between the UK and France. We have dispensations allowing up to 28 days flying of a foreign machine by a foreign pilot, but it needs the dispensation in place to be legal. The same would apply for example to an Aussie wanting to go to New Caledonia which has the same rules as France.


If you can find a flying club in Tonga, they will be able to give you more information, but for three years you will definitely be looking at registering your machine there (if possible)



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I think that Tonga comes under the NZ rules and regs. I am sure all aircraft in Tonga are registered ZK as they are in the Cook Islands.Cheers

Some of the aircraft there might be NZ registered but Tonga is an independent country with its own CAA and registration prefix (IIRC it is A3-).

Short Answer = contact Tongan CAA


Long Answer =


Many of the Pacific nations use the NZ CAA regulations as a template for their own (& I believe NZCAA even acts as a consultant in some cases). However Part-103 of the NZ regs (which relates to sub-ICAO recreational flying) isn't widely implemented since there isn't much, if any, such flying there and there no organisations to administer it AFAIK.







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